anxious about surgery

Anxious about surgery

I am feeling anxious about my upcoming surgery in six days. I can’t believe time has moved so fast. This time next week I will be in the hospital recovering. I hope there isn’t any problems. I have a good surgeon so I don’t expect there to be but you never know. The surgery is for repair of spinal leaks in my back that are causing headaches and fatigue. I got the leak from my original surgery back in March. We have been going back and forth and finally after 3 months of my not improving decided to have surgery to fix it. I went to the grocery store and pharmacy today and I am completely wiped out. I had to get more Gatorade. I had to go to the pharmacy because I burned myself while making dinner. I think it is a second degree burn. But anxiety is keeping me up because I am thinking of surgery. Plus the next door neighbors are having a party so I really can’t relax. I am so uptight.

I walked without my AFO today. Bad idea. I am hurting really bad right now with my ankle. I wore new sneakers today that were comfy. They were much more supportive than my older sneakers. I know walking without the AFO is a chance for a flare up. Nothing I can do about it once it flares up. Just take my pain meds and hope for the best.

I have a full week of appointments next week. Monday I have therapy. Tuesday is Covid testing. I am going to try and get a haircut that day. Wednesday is psychopharm and I hope to have my groceries delivered. Thursday is surgery. I probably won’t be posting much after surgery until I am clear headed or am home from the hospital.

any thoughts?

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