Election Day 6 November 2018

Election Day 6 November 2018

I woke up early despite have only a few hours sleep. I had a two hour nap, stayed up until around 330 and then woke up at 0740. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I took my morning meds early and then went downstairs. I brushed my teeth and then made breakfast and coffee. I was exhausted. I told my mother and then she said I slept too much. I told her how did I sleep too much and explained what I just wrote. She just said oh. I said you don’t hear what I tell you. I was annoyed.

I went upstairs after putting some stuff away in the kitchen. I tried calling the guy the Alderman said to call for the election. I left him a message and then I called Pharmacy as my prescription was not ready yet. The script was there but they were having computer problems with it. It was a different manufacturer. I rolled my eyes. I told the tech that I wanted a flu shot as well. I know I am risking getting sick, but I have been using the T more and I don’t want the flu. I have been fortunate not to get it since 1993 and I would like to keep that record!

The guy called me back and said he had a few pick ups and then would call when he was close. I said okay. I got ready and then went downstairs. I asked my mother if she needed anything at Pharmacy and my mother said get the paper. I said they didn’t have anything she needed. She then got mad at me and told me to go vote for my “boyfriend”. I got mad and told her I don’t like boys. I like girls and walked away huffing and puffing. I was so flipping mad. I wouldn’t mind it so much but she always says she “knows me” when clearly she fucking doesn’t. Pisses me off.

I switched sneakers when I got downstairs. I put the Velcro kind of sneakers on rather than the laces. I was tired of lacing them up and then tripping on them. The Velcro fit better anyways. The guy came and went to the polls. I voted and then the guy brought me to Pharmacy. I got a few things while waiting for my prescription (apparently the flu needs a questionnaire and then written up like a script). I paid for my things and then waited for the pharmacist. I was lucky I got the pharmacist that I like. As I was leaving, the tech told me not to go to the other location as the people there are dodos and I said don’t worry, I won’t. I already knew they were bozos. I came home and realized I forgot to fill my fricken pain meds!! I will have to go back tomorrow.

I gave my mother her paper, and then she called me saying there were three things she wanted. I said well I guess you are getting them. She said I will as she can’t walk. I said nope, not going and I said bye then hung up. I am tired of her disrespecting me and not hearing me so until she does listen to me and respects me, I am not doing errands for her. Tough shit. I am taking a stand. I don’t care. I don’t think she is going to learn any other way. If I can walk to the pharmacy, she can too. She needs to do more than just stay at home. She got a new knee and it is time to try it out. Fuck. I doubt she got the knee just to stay at home to live on the couch!

I read Twitter for a bit. The Harry Potter accounts make me want to re-read the books again. I have so many books on my reading list. Only thing is, other than the John Grisham book, the rest is not fun. The Neil Gaiman book is really weird, though I am almost half way through it, but I haven’t touched it in a few months. Then I got White Fragility which is nice but mind blowing, and then Trail of Tears, which make me hate being a white person for what we did with the Indigenous People of North America. And I am not even too far into the book. I think I am only on the third chapter! I need a fun book and Harry is the answer, actually, he is always the answer! Maybe I will if I finish Camino Island, the John Grisham book.

I am really cold and tired so I am going to take a nap. I know it is going to suck and throw my sleep cycle further off but I got a total of like 5 hours sleep so I don’t care. I have therapy tomorrow and there is a lot to talk about.

Aftermath of the Election

Aftermath of the Election

I woke up early this morning to use the bathroom and then I checked Facebook to see who won the election. To my horror, the bigot won. Then one of my childhood friends was very happy about it. I sent him a message saying that he was basically homophobic and racist and then I deleted him from being my “friend”. I don’t regret having done this.

I am worried what the next four years are going to entail. I wonder how suicide prevention is going to work now that we don’t have a democrat in the office and the whole senate and congress is republican now. More closely, I worry about how the LBGT community is going be over the next four years. I am really hoping that this misogynist gets arrested or impeached within the first six months of office, before he can do real damage to this country. That’s not to say that in six months time damage might already have occurred but it might be fixable.

I fear those that have Obamacare right now because I think that is going to be the first thing to go in this dictatorship. Healthcare will now become a joke. But Colorado now has assisted suicide so maybe there will be an influx of people moving there to end their suffering. My state has passed a law that legalizes the use of recreational MJ. Now I fear that every Zipcar I reserve will be filled with that god awful smell.

These are my thoughts that I have this morning and I am sure there will be others. I’m going back to bed because my ankle is screaming at me and my pain meds are making me tired.

Election 2012, some thoughts

I am the least political person on the planet. Yes I sort of pay attention around presidential elections and watch the ads for this candidate and that but for me to tell you anything beyond that, I would sound like the biggest idiot on the planet.
You learn a lot about your friends during elections. Their opinions on this candidate or that, find out about their political party, etc. This election has been a long process. Seems like it went on for four years despite it being only maybe a year of campaigning. But what gets me is the ads. I have never before seen such contradictory ads for each opponent. This one says this but then their campaign refutes it can says the other person is to “blame” for this or that. It was very sickening. Made both candidates look like neither one should be in office. Unfortunately, one had to be in office. To take leadership over this country, though lately I am wondering why as the country seems to be run more by Congress than a president. Few people forget that that the president can’t start a war. Congress has to declare it. If a bill comes through, congress has to approve it before it can be “vetoed” by the president. It’s our congress people and representatives who run this country and sadly, they do not have a term. I can’t remember when there has been four Senate names on the ballot. I can’t remember when there was more than two representatives on a ballot, and I have been voting for the last eighteen years. Shouldn’t the people that represent us have terms? Just because they were voted in once doesn’t put them there for life. I saw that former Mayor Capuano was on the ballot again for representative. His name was the only person. He had no one running against him. Maybe that is why these congress people and state representatives always get re-elected. They do not have anyone running against them. And if we are a people, by the people, for the people, shouldn’t there be more people fighting for their constituents?