Sunday 12 Aug 2018

Sunday 12 Aug 18

I did a lot today when I didn’t want to. I planned on doing the laundry and then resting the rest of the day. My mother decided to call me before 10 am to do it as she emptied the hamper in the bathroom but couldn’t pick up the clothes to bring them in the kitchen. When I got downstairs, I said you should have brought the hamper to the kitchen. She said old habits. She needs new habits as it is much easier to drag an empty hamper to the bathroom than bring multiple loads of clothes to the kitchen. UGH. I put the sorted clothes in the hamper and just dragged it. It was easier to load the washer that way. It was around noon time so I asked my mother what she wanted for lunch. I was thinking tuna and she did too. But I didn’t make “my” tuna. I made hers, which has no taste to it. I didn’t enjoy my lunch.

I had to make brownies as I am seeing my cousins tomorrow. I am to bringing dessert. My cousin is providing lunch. I might bring my bathing suit as she has a pool but it’s supposed to be rainy so not sure it will happen. It will depend how my pain will be. I have to make sure I bring my BT meds with me, just in case.

My feet are dog tired right now. I helped my mother with dinner, which made my dinner warm. I had made a frozen dinner as I didn’t know what else to make. My mother came into the kitchen just as it popped out of the microwave. I was so tired and then while cleaning up, my ankle gave out, painfully. I am seriously debating on putting the heating pad on my feet.

Last night I finished Norse Mythology. I had read one chapter yesterday, with the goal of finishing it later in the day and I did it. It is such a fun book. I really love it. Now I just got to work my way through Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl. I am going to try and read two chapters after I finish this blog. I wanted to change my sheets today but with the urgency of having to do laundry, I completely forgot. I kind of got the clothes off my bed that needed washing so that was good. Now I just got to clear the corner that likes to get cluttered. It mostly has papers that need to be recycled in the shredder. I think I am going to bring the shredder up to my room and just spend the day doing that. I have a box full of them. Or maybe I will just tape up the box and send it off to a shredder company, LOL. That would be easier.

I had to take a shower today because they are working on our sewer lines and our water would be rusty. My right foot cramped up, twice. It disrupted my routine and I forgot to rinse off half my body as I just wanted to get the fuck out of the shower. So I turned the water back on to rinse off. I was not happy. I dried quickly, though I forgot my back as I was putting my clothes on. I should have just grabbed my clothes and went to my room. I hate being so discombobulated. I was talking to a friend about shaving my head and he told me how to care for the razor and to use a clear gel or oil as dry shaving takes out the skins stuff. So when I get paid next week, I will get some. I am not sure if Walgreens will have it. I will check it out but if it is more than Amazon or CVS, forget. I have been going through blades like crazy and they are really expensive. I am thinking of joining a shaver’s club so I can get them cheaper. I was looking at Gillette as that is what I use and I really like their razors. I have been using them for years. I might get a new handle and use that as my mother has been using mine and doesn’t clean it after she uses it on the few hairs she has on her chin. Pisses me off. Just another thing to get next week. Seems every month I have new things to buy and my budget just gets smaller and smaller. I am also going to a wedding next month so I need to budget for that. I got on a trial for my grocery deliveries so now I am no longer paying $7 in fees. Sweet!

any thoughts?

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