26 Aug 18

Didn’t write a blog yesterday. I did a lot of stuff once my groceries delivered. I then crashed around 1430 and I was done for the day. My mother called me for dinner and it took me a half hour to get up and eat something. I stayed up for a little bit but didn’t feel like writing. The Sox were bombing at the Trop. Someone or something jinxed them and they lost their first series of the season. It was Player’s Weekend and their jerseys were horrible. I hated the hats. Tampa Bay was so much worse. They have tomorrow off and I hope it rests them a bit.

I wanted to bake something today but I went back to sleep after I used the bathroom and woke up late. By then it was hot as hell in the kitchen. I just made a sub for lunch. Then ordered some Burger King for dinner. I don’t usually eat BK, but it has been a long while since I had the whopper and onion rings so I figured why not. The delivery guy got lost. The place is not far from my house. It is like 3 lights and boom, my house is there. But he said his GPS was wrong or something. I don’t know. My food was cold so I didn’t enjoy it as I would have. I probably won’t order again. I like McDonalds anyways.

I did my med box for the week. I got aggravated because I knew the damn female hormones were on my bed in the clutter. I started throwing shit off my bed to find it. I am so annoyed. When I do clear it off, and change my sheets, nothing is going there again. Course I said that last time and it didn’t work. I got to try and keep that corner of my bed clear because it is a bitch to clear off. Maybe I will just get a box and throw shit in there rather than put it on my bed. I don’t know. I have to change my sheets as the foam topper is annoying the fuck out of me. I am going to duct take that shit to my mattress and hope it works. I honestly don’t know what to do. My next step is to get another mattress or foam thing. I will have to get it at a mattress store. There is one mattress that comes in a box and it has memory foam. It is like $600 or so. I have to look into it as it isn’t like a Serta or Therapeutic thing. I think it is called Lull. It was a stupid ad on Instagram that sucked me in. So now all the box mattresses ads are coming at me. I just want a quality mattress that will last more than a few years and stay within my budget. But this topper likes to slide off the bed as I am getting up. I don’t notice it until I get back on an there is less space between the foam and my nightstand. Both corners of my sheets are off so I can shove the thing where it is supposed to be. That is why I am worried the tape isn’t going to work. It will just slide off, come undone or something. If they sold huge amounts of superglue I would buy it to adhere the topper to my mattress. But it might be time to get another one and call the $60 a waste. The $100 one I bought like 15 years ago lasted me a long time. I only had to give it up because it was old and coming apart. Foam was sticking to my sheets and it was just gross. Now this one isn’t staying on the damn bed! If anyone has a foam topper they love, please comment and tell me what it is!

Was talking to my barber buddy. I showed him a pic of the back of my head as I just shaved it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but he told me I should stop for a few days and then show him again to see how it looks. Then I see my barber for a line so I can use as a guide and sort of fix it. The top is getting to be the length I want it to be and should be by the time of my cousin’s wedding. I want the top spiked and the sides and back shaved. I honestly have no fucking idea how I am going to go to this wedding, with a week full of appts, and then a concert the next fucking night. I am already having anxiety over this. My sister spent good money on the tickets so I don’t want them going to waste. This is why I am so damn angry with the pain doc because if he fucking increased the dose, I wouldn’t be worrying. I would be covered. But the guy is an asshole. I still have no idea how I am going to deal. And it is a long car ride to the wedding and to the stadium so that got me nervous, too. I don’t know if we are coming home the night of the wedding or not. My sister was talking about getting a hotel near the stadium but not sure if that is still the plan. I just will be having a shit load of pain meds on me and limit my alcohol intake. Just one or two drinks will be my limit. I don’t know if my cousin that moved to Texas will be there. He is like the male version of the lunatic, but 4 notches down and can be reasonable. I really love him as he is gay and has been open in the family for a while. He just got married to his lifetime partner. They are a cute couple. I know I am going to feel like an outcast at this wedding. I always do with events on my mother’s side of the family. I don’t know if it is because I don’t hang around as much as my sisters do or what, but I always feel like a stranger.

My sprained ankle was causing me pain this morning. I did some exercises but not all because it hurt. My other ankle is a bitch and a half so I just hope it doesn’t flare up later like the dickhead it is.

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