Letting go of a blankie

In keeping with what I wrote yesterday about suicide and future planning, I tweeted this gem “As someone with lived experience, it is hard to let go of the familiar pain. It can be comforting sometimes because it is all we know. Changing or letting go of the pain can be painful in itself. It’s like letting go of a blankie. Hope this makes sense.”

I’ve had horrible insomnia today. I woke up at 1 am and could not go back to sleep. I was able to rest for about an hour. I’ve been keeping my bladder on a 3 hour schedule so I am not overfull and the urge to go isn’t horrible. It has made cathing easier. Because I was up so early, I decided to get my blood drawn for my Testosterone level. It just came back as 294 so I think my doc will be pleased. I have to tell her to give me two vials at a time because one vial just doesn’t work for the dose I need. I used my last refill today.

I made more appts with my PT today. She doesn’t have time next week to see me so I am off a week. I hope she dry needles me tomorrow in my back because today they were flaring big time. I was so miserable as my ankle has been in a flare for more than 24 hours now. I’ve been taking zanaflex around the clock to try and keep the spasms at bay but it might as well be a sugar pill I am taking for all the good it is doing.

I’ve been wicked thirsty today. It is hot and muggy. I had my Starbucks 4 shots espresso with soy milk. It was so good. That has been the only caffeine I have had today. I need to shower but I have no energy. I also need to brush my teeth. I meant to call the dentist today but I never did. Need to find out why I am having jaw pain.

I see a new neurologist tomorrow. I am kind of nervous. Hope she can help figure out the shin pain I’ve been having. Hope it isn’t a CRPS spread. That is what I am worried about as the area is swollen. Just hope she doesn’t want to change pain meds on me. I will be taking an Uber there as I don’t want to expend my energy too much as I have PT in the afternoon. Around noon I am getting my haircut. Got to keep the side and back buzzed at all times.

Twitching-Good or Bad?

Twitching-Good or Bad?

Last night before settling down for bed, my right (good) leg started to twitch. It was having spasms and then my left leg joined in. I just decided to go to sleep rather than to read or write because it was so annoying me and laying down usually settles it down. I woke up about an hour ago because I was hot. After I took off my fuzzy socks and long sleeve t-shirt, my leg started doing its dance again. I am not like it because it is painful twitching, more so now than it was last night. I don’t know why this is happening. I usually never have symptoms in my right leg so something is definitely wrong. I took a nerve pain med, an Ativan, and some pain meds. I hope to be back to sleep soon.

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking with my sisters and we finally settled on where and what time we were going out for my birthday dinner. It will be next Saturday, the weekend before my birthday. I picked Chinese because I want Lo Mein. It’s been at least two years since I’ve had good Lo Mein. The restaurant that I usually order out from just has one good thing, General Gao. And I haven’t been able to find another restaurant in my area that delivers good food. The one good restaurant that did closed down about a year and a half ago.

As I have taken sleeping meds because of pain, I don’t expect to be doing much today. I really wanted to start the next chapter in my book last night but my niece wanted to watch one of her movies. She is so funny. Half way through, she asked me if I wanted a beard. I said yes but I was left with this goatee. I haven’t shaved in a month so it was prominent. Then she snuggled up next to me as we watched the movie. I didn’t tell her I wanted to be a boy and she didn’t make any gender references at all. She is too young to have that kind of conversation.

I guess it is good that I am resting today. Just hope it will give me energy to face this week. I so want the week to be over, like if tomorrow was the end of the week, so be it. I just really don’t want to deal with it. Two doctors appointments, one for me and the other for my father. Yuck. Then I have to go to my father’s for his pills. Three days in a row I will be out and about. So I need my rest now. Hopefully whatever if going on with my right leg will be gone by Tuesday.

I hate being in pain. It just isn’t fun. It takes a lot out of you and you don’t have to do much. I made breakfast and I am completely wiped out. All I had was a bowl of cereal. When I wake up later, I will make my breakfast burrito. But all I did was have cereal and then I washed the bowl and spoon. I am wiped out. It’s ridiculous. I know part of it is because I am hurting, but damn. I never in a million years have felt so wiped out after having a small meal. It just really sucks that I can’t do anything. It’s also very frustrating.

Just got the “Daily Post” from WordPress. I get it sometimes several times a day. Today’s topic is Hate to Love. I might write about it later today. For those bloggers that read my blog, it is good idea starter. A fellow blogger friend recommended it and I have been getting these emails every day. Today was the first time that I could write something that fits my blog.