14 Aug 18

14 Aug 18

The lunatic didn’t come over and I was grateful. I woke up around 0330 to go to the bathroom and then was up for a bit. Think I read some of my book until meds kicked in to bring me back to sleep. I didn’t sleep long, just about 4 hours or so. I got up around 11. I saw on the little table by the stairs that my mother had mail and her walgreens gift card. Guess I was going out. Wasn’t a big deal as I wanted to see if they had this Epsom salt rub. They didn’t have it in stock (this store really never has things in stock, they have a sale and the item will have no stock!) The only store that had it was the one in Malden. I would have to wait till Friday as that was when I was going near there. I went to the bakery for bread and mailed somethings. On the way home, I stopped at the other drug store and they had the item. Score! I used it once I cooled off. I was soaked with sweat by the time I walked around the block, so to speak.

I used the stuff and within a few minutes, my legs weren’t that achy anymore. But the stuff left a residue on my legs. I didn’t like it but as long as it took care of the pain, I don’t care. I can use it as much as I want. Stuff does take a while to dry but not a long time. I’ll probably shower tomorrow as I need to get blood work done. My psych wanted to check things. She never responded to my email about if a bmp was ordered or not. Be curious if my sodium is still above normal.

I asked my mother if she wanted burgers for supper and she did. I knew my niece wasn’t going to eat burgers so I asked if she wanted mac and cheese. She did. So for dinner I was making burgers, tater tots, and mac and cheese. I was a chef for a bit. I spent most of my time on my feet doing the various things that needed doing. I ended up burning my muffin because I forgot about it. I had sat down to eat some tater tots while it was toasting and forgot about it so it burned. Glad I didn’t have a fire alarm in the kitchen, which is weird. But the door was open to let the smell out. I was planning on doing the dishes when my friend called. I was talking to him until my sister and my cousin and her baby came over. I then said I had to go as I had company. I played with the baby for a bit and then my sister accidently kicked my bad ankle. That was all it needed. I asked her if she could do the dishes and she had an ass ache (aka was lazy and didn’t want to do it). She asked her son to do it and he had a back ache. I told my mother I was going to rest a bit and then I will do the dishes later when meds work. I went upstairs to cool off and rest a bit. My phone needed charging. I tried to write the blog earlier but internet browsing kept me from my task. I finally stopped just before my med alarm was to go off. My right sprained ankle hurts so I don’t know if the dishes are going to get done.

I can’t fricken believe I did all that with two messed up ankles. But now that I am resting, I ma hurting. My mother was like just sit on the couch. She doesn’t get that my leg needs to me elevated to stop hurting. I need my bed to ease the pressure. It has been the only thing that sometimes helps. Not all the time as sometimes my pain is worse. But that is when NOTHING helps it. I just hope it doesn’t swell with it being down so much today. I hate days where I am supposed to rest and I do a million things. Not big things but enough to hurt really bad during the night. I was telling my mother this and she said don’t say it. I was like I can’t help it, my ankle knows when it is 2100 and it acts up. Or 2000. It doesn’t care. It will hurt just by me getting more comfortable in bed. Or without moving. No rhyme or reason. Just acts up when it wants to. And there is little I can do when it does.

Baseball is on and I am going to take my meds as my thigh is cramping up and then turn on the radio. They are already leading 1-0, scoring first! Should be a good game. They are playing the Phillies.

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