20 Aug 2018

20 Aug 2018

I went with my mother to her doctor’s appt. The ride to the doc’s was late. My mother got the return time mixed up. She thought it was later and it wasn’t so the driver wasn’t happy. Then we went to the bank to deal with some issues and we were there for nearly two hours. It was hard on my mother and I. She did okay going home and up the stairs. It was dinner time so I heated up some gravy and she wanted raviolis. They were good but later we both had a bowl of cereal as we were still hungry. I didn’t have anything to eat today except for a crumpet with my coffee.

My mother upset me today. We had gone to the bank to have them change my name on the accounts we share. She asked me why I changed it and I said I wanted a more male name. She said I wasn’t male, I was female. OMG, I wanted to fucking die. I was already having a hard time this week because of the things on my chest and here she is telling me the obvious by pointing to the incorrect body parts. I swear every time she said daughter today I wanted to say no, son, but I didn’t. It hurts so fucking bad that she does this. And I can’t write anymore as I am upset.

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