Clean water, doctors, and of course, chronic pain

Clean water, doctors, and of course, chronic pain

Sox lost last night so that is the “clean water” part of this blog. They were losing 3-2 in the 7th inning when sleepiness overcame me and I had to lay down. I woke up this morning to find out they lost 7-2 so I am glad I didn’t stay up to hear the rest of the game. I was so fucking annoyed with the ump. Our manager got ejected in the like the second inning arguing the strike call that was clearly a ball to everyone but the fucking ump. I was so pissed at that because it happened between innings so no one saw the ejection, just him walking into the clubhouse. Then my friend’s husband texted me during the 1st inning. He had called me but I wasn’t in the mood to talk, to anyone. I just let it go to voicemail. I texted him at 6, two hours before the game. He didn’t want to talk then. Just during the game. Ugh!

Here is an article about the “red flags” on doctors and when you should see another one

16 ‘Red Flags’ That Might Mean It’s Time to Find a New Doctor

I usually don’t share or read articles because they gloss over the seriousness of illnesses, especially about the mental illness they write about. It just pisses me off because to me, it isn’t really how things are in the world. But this one is pretty good. It mostly talks about psychiatrists but also a few specialists and primary care providers. I have seen them all and usually don’t go back if they don’t hear me because, why bother?

I woke up with my left hip hurting me today. I have no idea why. I might be sleeping wrong or something. I sleep on my side and usually with a pillow between my legs. The pillow is not that thick but maybe I am not turned over that much to align my body? I don’t know. I just know the muscles are angry and I don’t know what to do about it. I might put heat on it to see if that relaxes them down. I don’t want to do my exercises for my left leg as my hip is so damn sore right now. Usually it goes away with movement but not today. My mother has no sympathy, of course, because her “whole body hurts”. I often wonder if she has fibromyalgia. But I also know that if she did, she would refuse the diagnosis and just say it is old age.

I am going to have my pumpkin poke cake today. I wanted to have my coffee first. I needed coffee. I made the cake yesterday. I am kind of disappointed that the condensed milk was so thick it wouldn’t get out of the can and then wouldn’t soak through the cake. I had to spread it into the holes I made. Then I put the cool whip on top. I was hoping to have a slice around game time but I got lazy and didn’t go back downstairs. I hope it came out good.

I have a roommate. There is a mouse living in my room. It is a little field mouse and it is cute. I got scared at first but then it just stayed there and as I stared at it, I didn’t get scared. He was under my bed for a while. I had taken a nap and woke up to some papers rustling. Had no idea where the noise was coming from. I sat up and poof, ran out from under the bed. Then he ran back under. Around game time, he shot out and was poking around my plastic slippers. I looked to see what he was doing and then he got scared and ran toward the window side of my room. I haven’t seen him since. I got to get some stuff so he goes away. That would explain the noises I have been hearing in my room. I just hope there isn’t a dead one somewhere. I had a smell in my room a few weeks ago, maybe a month now. Have no idea how the little guy came into my room. I am nearly on the 3rd floor of the house so not from the ground. Hope there aren’t more of his friends in the house. My mother and sister will freak out. I know my mother will because she will have to call the exterminator again. We fixed the foundation crack and stuff so I don’t know. Those buggers find a way in. Thing is, we have feral cats near and living on my sister’s porch. They are fired now! HAHA.

any thoughts?

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