I am fricken exhausted

I am fricken exhausted. I only went to the pharmacy to get my meds and came right home. I feel so lifeless it isn’t funny. this so sucks having no stamina/endurance/energy to do anything. Pain is part of it too. it is just exhausting. After I went to the pharmacy I went to my sister’s apartment to relax a bit before going up the stairs. We talked a bit and I made the decision to call my PT to set up an appointment with her. The first available wasn’t ok in my schedule so it will be in two weeks. Now I got to call the Ride and schedule transportation to and from the place. I will do that tomorrow. I need to write down the appointments as I just took whatever might work for me.

I am so tired. I think I might go to bed early and hope I don’t wake up at 2 like I did last night. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I emptied my bladder and that helped a little but I still could not fall asleep and stay asleep. I had to get my meds and leave the house for a bit because I was getting cooped up again. I am hoping tomorrow I will get some energy to go to the butcher shop in the Square and get some burgers and steak. I want to make my chili cornbread casserole but it all depends on how my back feels in walking. It flared up big time by the time I came home so I just been laying low. I got the AC on because it is warm in my room. I can’t tolerate the heat at all.

Baseball draft is tonight. I don’t understand how it goes so I won’t be watching it. I will pay attention if the Sox sign someone. That will be the only interesting thing to hear. I remember last year we got a high school kid that was so excited. I forget his name. Hope we get some good pitchers this year. We really need them.

any thoughts?

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