another shitty day

Another shitty day

I tried to make it to my appointment for urodynamics today but my body was like, that is a no. I got the runs when I reached the bus stop. I came home just in time. How I didn’t crap myself I have no idea but I am taking it as a blessing. I canceled the appointment because it was too late to go back to the bus stop. Plus I wasn’t feeling so hot. I felt weak like I did a month a go when I had the infection I wasn’t aware of. I just tried to go back to sleep but I got hungry and made myself something to eat. I didn’t like the coffee today. It wasn’t sweet enough. I drank half a cup and then tossed the rest of it down the drain. I feel bad that I had to cancel but if I had gotten the ride like I was supposed to it would be a different matter. I couldn’t get a ride because they would pick me up after the appointment and that wouldn’t be good. So I canceled the ride and appointment. I had no choice. I will just make it on another day.

My psych emailed me this morning and I responded saying that I wish I could just say the hell with the steroids, order the MRI and do the surgery but I can’t. If the steroids don’t work, then I will have to go to plan b which is what I just said. There is no other plan. I have six days on the steroids and then we’ll see how I feel. I hope that I will be feeling better. I haven’t done my PT exercises because I walked to the bus stop and back. I did a 1000 steps. PT should be happy with that.

I asked my sister to take me to the library so I could return this book I have had out since Feb. It was due in March but because of Covid, they kept putting the date back. It is due next week so I had to return it. The library still isn’t open. I wanted to see if I could get the YA book that I am starting. I have the first book on kindle. I would like to get the other 2 books in the series but they are too much for me right now. I have been seeing good reviews on Twitter from readers I know. I am always interested in a good book.

I have been listening to Hamilton the past few weeks. I just love this musical. I am glad I gave it a second chance and downloaded Disney Plus so I could watch it. I like to put a name with a face. And I love Phillipa Soo. She is brilliant and so beautiful.

any thoughts?

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