Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

I have had a good few days. I had a good day today despite my foot and ankle flaring right now. I spent too much time in my slippers. My mother is still in the hospital. She is probably going to be there for some time. I don’t think they are going to let her home until they know she can be safe from falls. My sisters and I have tested negative from Covid so we have been celebrating this small victory in this hellish year.

I got the new Taylor Swift album evermore CD and am in love with it. I think it is one of her best CDs. I talked about her music with my therapist yesterday. We talked a lot about music yesterday. She scoffed that I like Taylor but I don’t care. I will always like Taylor. She is one of my favorite artists. I told her I like Bon Jovi too and she liked that. And of course she likes him too. So we have something in common.

I took a shower today. I needed to take one as I was really starting to smell. I am going to try and take one every other day like I use to but it has been so hard to do so. I think if it wasn’t so tiring I would be taking them more frequently. It is just a mental hassle as well as physical. I still take a selfie after I shower because my hair does funky things when it is towel dried. It is never the same. My hair just does whatever the hell it wants. I don’t really care unless I am going out. Then it is usually a baseball hat on.

Even though I have had a good day, I am feeling sad. I am just feeling really depressed. I don’t know why. I think it might be because my pain levels are high at the moment. I have been listening to evermore and for some reason my MP3 player separated the featured songs and wasn’t playing them. Sucks. I had to manually add the songs to the playlist.

I have been thinking of shaving my beard off. It is getting unruly. I might trim it. I don’t know. I never know what to do with it. I like playing with the hairs. I will make a decision the next time I shower.

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