covid strikes again

Covid strikes again

My mother has been ill the past few weeks. Last night she took a fall around 3 am and was very sore this morning. She had a doctor’s appointment but didn’t want to go because she couldn’t walk. My sister told her we would take her to the emergency room. In the end, we called an ambulance as she didn’t want to go down the stairs. She was feeling too awful. They tested her at the hospital as her O2 sats were low and she tested positive for Covid. I got tested today so should have it back in a day or two. My mother is hospitalized because of her oxygen levels and because of a biomarker for her heart that is indicating heart problems. She has stress on her heart and they are worried about that. She also has pneumonia and fluid in her lungs. I have been a nervous wreck all day thinking about her.

As I said earlier, I got tested. It was fairly quick at the center I went to. I was glad because I didn’t have to wait too long. I called my PCP’s office to tell them what is going on as I have an appointment next week to get my shoulder looked at. It has been bothering me for weeks now and is not getting better. The tension in my neck and shoulders is quite painful. I might have to have a virtual visit but then they offered me an appointment to see someone in the Covid section of the hospital so I might do that. I don’t know what to do. I said I would call tomorrow when my test results come back. Tomorrow is my birthday. I hope it will be negative but I have been around my mother all this time without a mask on so we’ll see. I feel okay. I don’t have symptoms. I have been tired but it is my usual tired.

I am still in the partial program. I had today off because I thought I would be watching my mother as she had a doctor’s appointment that I was going to go with her to. But turns out I just worried about her from home. Tomorrow I will be going back to the program. It will be my birthday and the first time that my mother will be in the hospital. I told my sisters we can celebrate it when she is home.

I just talked to my mother. She sounded tired and the nurse said she needs her rest so my sister is calling everyone. I talked with her for a little bit. I am glad. I was so worried. She is in a room now and soon she will have dinner. I hope she eats something.

any thoughts?

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