shaving again

Shaving again

Yesterday I took my beard down to a stubble and then today I used my electric shaver to take it off. It feels good to be clean shaven again. I have two appointments today that are close to one another. I haven’t figured out where I will be for my psychiatrist’s appointment. It is virtual. I am tempted to make my PT virtual but then I don’t get the hands on that I need.

Tomorrow I am seeing my barber to get my mop cut. It is much too long and is annoying me. I’ll have it trimmed a little bit so that it isn’t so long. I think I might go with a side look and bald fade again. My barber does an excellent bald fade.

I slept okay last night but I am still so tired. I feel like I can sleep another couple of hours. Coffee helped wake me up a little bit. I had the belVita biscuits with it. It is my favorite breakfast. I bought different flavors of the biscuits so I wouldn’t get bored. I need to buy more. I plan on going out to the supermarket tomorrow after my haircut.

Therapy went well yesterday. We talked about CBT therapy and how thinking negative thoughts influences behavior. I am to write down my negative thoughts but not ruminate about them. I haven’t done this yet. I have trouble identifying negative thoughts when I have them so this is going to be a tough assignment.

My leg and ankle were hurting me so bad yesterday I just wanted to cry and stay in bed but my mother had a visiting nurse come and I had to stay with her in case there were issues. I think that is why I am so tired today is because of all the pain I was in yesterday. It is a lot to deal with. My ankle is still hurting me today because it is so cold out and windy. The temp dropped like almost 20 degrees. It hurts.

I am trying to keep myself hydrated. I forget to drink during the day and then wonder why I haven’t peed. I am still constipated so need to keep up with the Miralax to keep going. I sort of woke up in pain this morning because I was sleeping on my right shoulder. I hate when that happens because it is nerve pain. I decided to change my in person PT appointment to virtual because I don’t feel like going out. I am in too much pain with my ankle. The pain is throbbing.

any thoughts?

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