ADL Sunday

Saturday Blog 25092021

I had a rough night. I woke up around midnight to empty my bladder as it has been five hours since I last emptied it. I then had a difficult time trying to get back to sleep. My anxiety was starting to take over as my thoughts just kept on repeating on themselves. I took an Ativan but it just calmed me down and cleared my head. It didn’t make me sleepy. I colored for a bit and then I started writing in my journal. I guess I should have done that first as I wrote ¾ of a page and then I was sleepy enough to go back to bed around 0430.

I had just emptied my bladder about a half hour ago and then had a bowel movement which produced some urine. I don’t understand this. I also found out yesterday that I had residual urine after every void I had yesterday. I don’t know if there was residual after my bowel movement because I wasn’t in my bathroom and I didn’t think I needed a catheter. I am getting so frustrated that I sent a message to my urologist asking for some help or guidance about this. My urine is clear so I don’t think I have an infection. I also don’t know if this is just a post op thing that will get better in time. I am not a patient person when it comes to this stuff as it stresses me out.

I only have one appointment next week so if I have to go give a urine specimen I could. I think it will be negative however. I am not having any other symptom of infection other than the strong urges to go all the fricken time. Today is a little bit better and I have been mindful of the time I go so I am not guessing.

I just made another cup of coffee because I need it. While I was waiting for it to brew, my mother wanted me to make her a hamburger so I did. My sister made several banana breads so I had a piece of one. It was ok but very buttery. As I was coming up the stairs to my room, my sister told me a story of how she was trying to get information from Siri about something and the android kept telling her to Sukkot. LOL got to love AI.

Sox game is at 4 so I plan on reading my book for a couple of hours or chapters until then. Last night was an ugly loss. Nate didn’t have his stuff and the Skanks hit him hard. He gave up two homeruns. Not like him at all. Hope he isn’t hurt and isn’t telling someone.

I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want to eat. I kind of want Chipotle again. It was really good last night. I added corn salsa and it really kicked ass to the burrito bowl. But I want Kung Pao so I ordered from a new place. Hope it is good. I got the white rice with it. I didn’t feel like getting the fried rice.

any thoughts?

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