new music Friday

New music Friday

My top favorite artist, Mary Chapin Carpenter, came out with a new album today. It took some getting to buy as the Amazon music app sucks. I swear with each update it gets worse. I got the album and am listening to it now and there isn’t a bad song. My only complaint is that one of the songs has like a 2-3 minute music after the song ends. I hate that. It already has a minute intro.

I didn’t do anything today. I wanted to fix my bed as the foam topper is coming off but I still haven’t done it yet. I just am so damn tired from being in pain all day. Ankle has been rough all day and my back has been cramping for some reason. I am so exhausted and I have no reason to be. But being in pain is exhausting. It is so tiring. It just takes so much mental energy to deal with it.

I got a headache and I am not sure if it is because of the fluid or if it is the beginning of a migraine. I feel sort of nauseous so it might be migraine related. The pressure has gone up so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a migraine. I will be going to bed soon. I can’t stay up as my eyes are so heavy. Trying to stay awake to finish this blog but it is so hard. I feel like I am in a cloud. I didn’t eat much today. I haven’t had much of an appetite.

I wanted to listen to Hamilton tonight and keep track of the Sox but I think I am just going to go to bed. I will listen the musical tomorrow. I might watch it again. It is a good show. Sox are playing the Blue Jays tonight. I hope they win. It will be the second game in a row they would have won. Their record right now is 4-8. I hope they get better but I am not hopeful as the pitching just isn’t there.

any thoughts?

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