Sunday Blog 09082020

Sunday Blog 09082020

I listened to Hamilton this afternoon. It was so good hearing the songs again. I love that I can listen whenever I want to. I can choose where I can play it to, so I don’t have to pick the beginning if I don’t want to. I am listening to Taylor now. I can’t help it. I was going through withdrawal from not listening to her album. I am starting to know the songs.

Feeling wicked depressed. Just don’t want to be. Gender dysphoria has been flaring up. I hate looking at my face. I hate my chest. I hate me. I feel so rotten. I have no one to talk to about this. My therapist doesn’t want to get into it because I have the upcoming surgery and she wants to deal with the anxiety surrounding that. Bothers me that she feels like she has to fix things all the time. It so annoys me that she wants some coping skill to deal with something in my life. I don’t get it. I feel like she doesn’t want me to talk about things if there isn’t time to talk about it, which is ridiculous because each session can deal with something I bring up. I talk with her on Monday again so maybe I will get some clarification on what she was trying to tell me.

I am listening to “This is me trying” by Taylor. I resonate with this song. It is so good. I have it on repeat for now. It is a short song, like 3 minutes. But the melody and lyrics are so good. There is a lyric where she says “pouring out my heart to a stranger” which I interpret as having to talk to a therapist. I am trying in therapy with doing stuff my therapist says but it is difficult at times to remember to do it. It needs to be practiced like anything else.

I woke up late and had a cup of coffee around 1730. It is supposed to be hot this week. Tues into Wed is supposed to be the hottest. I am going to try and shower early tomorrow morning. I need to shave. I have decided that I am going to keep shaving because I think I look stupid with a beard and having a chest. It bothers me so much. Doesn’t help that I have hair on my chest. I wish I could have top surgery this year but I got to lose weight and I don’t think that it is going to happen. I have been eating pretty normally. Today I ordered a sub and only had half. I couldn’t finish it because I got really full.

I have therapy tomorrow. I want to cancel it. I just think it is hopeless to “go.” I know my therapist won’t let me cancel. She always asks why and I say because it is hopeless. Might as well be honest. I could just say that I have a conflict or something but I am not a bullshitter so I don’t think of these things. I suppose I could text that I have to cancel because of X and maybe she will believe me but I also know she will want to reschedule the date. I don’t know why therapy is so hard for me lately. I know part of it is because it is “virtual” rather than in person. I don’t even know if it is helping. I guess I can ask her tomorrow if I have made any “progress.”

any thoughts?

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