depressed and in pain today

Depressed and in pain today

I feel really down because I am in pain today. I woke up around 0400 with my left shoulder hurting me. No matter how I moved it, it hurt. I have no idea what I did. I have been waking up with shoulder pain the past week. It goes away when I wake up so that is good. But it still depresses me that I wake up in pain every morning.

I had a good bowel movement today that ended up causing nerve pain. My ass is killing me. I hope the pain settles down on its own and I don’t need to take more Neurontin. I took some last night to help me get back to sleep. I am still feeling sleepy from it. I might take a nap. I just had coffee and pumpkin pie. Yesterday all I drank was a half a glass of wine and a cup of coffee. I didn’t have anything else to drink so today I am going to drink at least two Gatorade bottles.

I got to go to the pharmacy to pick up my meds. One prescription isn’t ready yet. When it is, I will go. It should be done soon, I hope. I had a good day yesterday. I didn’t eat too much but I had plenty. I had my pumpkin pie for dessert. It had too much spice in it. I was worried because I am allergic to ginger and I know that they sometimes use that in the pie. I didn’t react so that was good. I took my night meds early and was asleep by 2200. I was going to watch the new Taylor Swift documentary on Disney Plus but I wasn’t in the mood. I might watch it over the weekend.

I am so excited because tonight I get to see my favorite artist, Mary Chapin Carpenter! She is doing a virtual show and I got tickets as an early birthday present to me. I am listening to her new album. She will be playing new songs from it and maybe some old. I don’t know. I know that it isn’t long, she said so in her #songsfromhome videos. The format is going to be similar. Instead of her kitchen, her venue will be the beautiful Wolf Trap. I was supposed to see her at that venue when I was visiting my cousin in Virginia. But there was a hurricane going on so the show was cancelled.

It is weird that I feel depressed yet excited about the show. The nerve pain is settling down some. I really wanted to die when it was at its worse. The pain is horrible and there is nothing you can really do about it. I know there is a rectal cream that is lidocaine based that can be used but I have a hard time reaching back there to apply things.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and came home a sweaty mess. I was so exerted by the walk. I am resting now and waiting for time to pass for the concert tonight. I cannot wait to see her. She is so beautiful. I’ve been in love with her since the first time I saw her on tv. Just hope my pain doesn’t interfere with seeing her. I am tired but trying not to nap. I got to eat some turkey and stuffing and squash. It was a good meal.

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