tired and blah

Tired and blah

I didn’t want to go to groups today but I went anyway, to all five of them. I usually skip the last group because I think it is a waste of time but I went anyway today. I haven’t been eating so been really tired and am now starting to feel weak because I haven’t eaten in three days. I wanted to make a sandwich today but the bread was frozen so I had to wait. I think I will make the sandwich after I finish this blog.

I got a new copy of Trauma and Recovery that I plan on reading tonight. My therapist was sarcastic in her response when I told her so I am not sure if she likes me reading this or not. It isn’t a light book to read but I think I will learn from it.

A storm is supposed to pass through tonight dropping a crap load of snow. I am glad I went out yesterday to get what I needed. I should have bought burgers. I need to get them this weekend. I haven’t had a homemade burger in so long.

I just read my therapist’s notes and it paints a depressing picture. Made me feel more depressed reading it than anything. She spells out my symptoms of depression clearly. I guess I am just in denial again about how depressed I am. Doesn’t surprise me as I am never in touch with how I feel. She writes that I practice skills but I don’t always do that. I have a hard time doing it on my own. Even the partial program is starting to get on my nerves about skills. I just don’t believe in them. I don’t know what will help but I know that whatever I am doing isn’t working right now. Meds are not helping me but then I am not at a dose that is helpful.

I got an email earlier today about how a researcher wants to use my blog as part of his research so I am happy about this. I am glad my writing is helping someone.

any thoughts?

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