Sunday Morning Blog 14032021

Sunday Morning Blog 14032021

I had my morning coffee and some breakfast. It is so quite without my mother. My sister is still getting my mother’s room straightened out. I think she is hanging curtains today. Both my sisters have worked their asses off to get her room as comfortable as possible and my mother hates it. I just don’t get it as she agreed with what they were doing but then after it was done, she didn’t like the outcome. Oh well.

I have therapy tomorrow and I want to work on ways of coping with the misgendering. I want so bad to text my sisters about being their brother but I’m scared it will come as defensive and they will reject me. I have so many feelings about this. It’s bad enough my mother is calling me a whatever whenever I bring up that I am her son.

I think my coffee is broken because I am so tired right now that I can go back to sleep. My ear is hurting me and I am not sure if it is because the muscles around the ear are tight or if there is something wrong with my ear. I hate this guessing game. My PT is on vacation this week so I am off from PT. I just got to do my exercises. I am getting better slowly but surely.

I don’t have many appointments this week. Just have therapy scheduled. I hope the weather will be nice so I can go out. It is nice today but really windy. I also hope the stimulus money gets deposited tomorrow. That would be nice so I can pay my bills off a little bit. I really want to buy a new mattress. The one I have is just about 20 years old.

My bowels have been stubborn the past few days. I have been taking Miralax but stool are hard and hurt when I pass a movement. I keep trying to remember to take the Miralax every day but it gets exhausting. I don’t want to take too much and then have the opposite problem. I still am having trouble with my bladder. I go for testing in about 10 days. I am kind of nervous about this test. It is so invasive. It doesn’t hurt though, thank god. I am almost a year post op from the tethered cord surgery.

Last week I started writing a thing about my thirty years in therapy. I didn’t get too far because I was writing from my laptop. I think if I write it out on paper it will be better. I just got to find a notepad to write it out on. I have several laying around. I just got to grab it. I think it will be a good article. I want it to be at least 1000 words.

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