Sad Sale Day

Sad Sale Day

I woke up around 6 with hammering going on in my ankle bone. I took some meds but it took a while for it to settle for me to go back to sleep. I then woke up around 11 with the same hammering. I went downstairs to use the bathroom and brush my teeth. I then heated up a burrito and made a cup of tea. I went up to my room and just read social media until I was out of tea. I wanted to read some more 1984 so went down stairs again to make another cup.

The game was just starting so I turned on the TV. Chris Sale was pitching. He faced his 3rd batter and then was hit by a line drive to the hip. I heard the hit and when they said Sale was down, I freaked out. I was on my phone when the pitch was made. I saw the replay after the play and ouch! He bruised his hip and came out of the game. There are 5 days before Opening Day and he is slated for the start. I don’t know if he will be well enough by then. Sucks because starting pitching is dwindling. I don’t know what happened to Pretty Ricky (Rick Porcello). One of their starting pitchers is going to spend the first 15 games suspended due to domestic violence he did last Oct or Nov. My poor Sox. Right now the Sox are up 3-0. I am now listening to the game as the appeal for watching was gone. I like to be resting my ankle anyway as it hurts so bad. Sitting would only aggravate it. I was happy to learn as soon as I turned on the TV that my favorite new catcher (sort of new) Christain Vasquez was signed an extension 3 year contract. Love him so much. He is like a young Molina (he did follow them before coming to the Sox). He throws out stealers of second base so quick. I loved him the first time I saw him in Spring training a few years ago.

I was late in taking my pain meds. I was supposed to take it around noon and just looked at the time. I am 2 and half hours late. I hate when I am late. I got so wrapped up in baseball. It was a good distraction for my pain. I am so glad it is back!

Windows finally realized I don’t have enough space on my hard drive so allowed me to use an external drive for some updates. I don’t know if it the updates that the stupid Win 10 assistant update thing is for. I think I might have to buy another 128GB thumb drive. I had transferred files from my 64 GB thumb so I could make a boot up thingy for my laptop because I thought I was going to get a new larger HD. I still need to call Dell to find out what are the components on my laptop as they do not match the manual. I really need to get my other laptop fixed. It might cost me $200 but I think it will be better than this piece of shit. I really should have spent the money fixing it rather than buying a new laptop. But live and learn, I guess. I will never get low memory again, either on RAM or HD.

another useless therapy session

Another useless therapy session

I was able to sleep till 1315. I didn’t want to get up but I had to. I am glad I didn’t sleep later than that because I would have been screwed to catch the bus to therapy and wouldn’t leave me time to have my much needed espresso. I had five shots today rather than four because I was so tired. It’s starting to wear off and I am getting sleepy but my foot/ankle are acting up again.

I walked to my therapist’s office. It was drizzling out and cold. The train was held up at Harvard so I was right on time for my appointment. I asked him about transgender transition and he had no clue. I was shocked. He said just to go to the LGBT clinic in Boston. He didn’t offer me any support in the matter and I felt standoffish. We talked a little bit about why I wanted to go ahead with my transition but the guy was not getting it and then he started fiddling with his fucking nails again. My mood dipped by the end of session and I felt like therapy was useless with this guy. He said time was up, see you next week, and I left.

I feel like cancelling next week’s session. I honestly don’t want to go back, at all. I think I am only going to please my psychiatrist. If I am not getting any help from the sessions, what is the purpose of going? This guy doesn’t offer any guidance and just expects me to talk for 45 minutes. I can have more fun talking to my voices than him! I want to call that female therapist back and see if she is taking new patients. I know it’s been a month since she left me a message, maybe more than that, but I got to do what I feel is right. I can’t keep feeling like a piece of shit after therapy or that my time is wasted because I didn’t get anything out of it and feel unsupported.

When we were talking about the transgender, he didn’t offer me anything or reassure me that what I am feeling is valid. He hasn’t yet to do so and it’s pissing me off. Why am I seeing a therapist if I am not going to feel supported and have my feelings validated? He hasn’t even said anything sympathetic to me like, I’m sorry or “oh no” or anything that would reassure me that he gives a shit. It’s been almost two months that I have been seeing him and I just am not feeling like there is a connection going on. I just feel like he wants to bill my insurance and listen to me rattle on and on about whatever without really hearing me and my distress.

dentist, baking, and other things

Dentist, baking, and other things

I went to the dentist this morning. I wasn’t spared a cavity and need to go back tomorrow morning to have it filled. UGH. He also told me that I need to brush better on my back molars or I will get another one on my back tooth. Trouble is, that area always makes me gag so I am careful to avoid it. Now I will have to take Zofran before brushing my teeth or something. I hate getting my teeth drilled. I’m glad I went as I was sure I was going to have to cancel because of the weather.

It snowed but it has pretty much cleared by the time I had my appointment. The streets were wet but not icy as the temp had climb up a little bit. I was sweating by the time I reached the office building with my heavy sweatshirt and jacket. I didn’t wear the jacket on the way home. I was too warm and the office was really warm. I needed to cool off some.

I still plan on making my cake today. I need to rest right now as my ankle is being a brat. My right ankle was hurting as I was walking for some reason. That pain has gone away, thank god. I can’t have both ankles hurting me. That will so suck. I need the pain meds to do their magic before I start baking.

I took a nap for a couple of hours after I made some breakfast. My niece was pounding on the back porch door and woke me up. My mother wasn’t home yet so I had to go downstairs and let her in. I thought it was odd that my mother wasn’t home as she left early this morning. Then I remembered that she had a funeral to go to and those usually last all day. I had just started making my cake when she came home. The cake came out awesome and I put chocolate mini chips on the top of the cool whip. I need to let it cool completely before having a piece. I will probably have some tomorrow.

By the time everything was said and done, my ankle was barking at me. I even sat while mixing the cake so I don’t know why it’s so angry. It’s so damn finicky. I had emailed my psychiatrist sometime before going to la la land last night but haven’t heard back from her. I didn’t sleep well as the stupid strong pain pill made me dopey and only let me sleep for two hour intervals. It sucked. I really didn’t think I was going to wake up in time for my dentist appointment but I did. I hope tonight is better. Least now I know that when I have that slicing, piercing pain to take the strong pain pill because the regular pain meds just aren’t going to cut it.

Saturday Blog 69

Saturday Blog 69

I just finished cleaning both flights of stairs. I am going to rest a little bit before going to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. While mopping the stairs, I got a splinter from the stupid mop. I’ll have to wait till it forces itself out because I can’t seem to grab it.

I am going to try and take it easy today and possibly read. I haven’t read or finished any books since last month. I have a month and a half to finish my reading challenge. I have so far read 18 books and my goal is 25. I am almost there. I really need to put some time into reading and lord knows I have the time. I just don’t have the motivation or inclination to read. I rather just goof off on Twitter and Facebook. I have to put the laptop down or I won’t be able to read.

I had just started a new book, Lincoln’s Boys. It’s about John Hay and John Nicholas both of whom were secretaries for Abraham Lincoln. If you ever watched the movie Lincoln and saw the pics of what the men really looked like, it’s uncanny. The resemblances are very stunning in my opinion. But then, most of the characters in the movie have some resemblance to their real life pictures. They really did a good job making it as real as possible. I really do love Lincoln. He is one of my favorite presidents. I have read more about him than any other president.

I have another book that I started reading last week but it’s kind of boring. It’s from my favorite author Lawrence Block and called Resume Speed. So far the book is okay but with Block you never know what is going to happen next. I have it on my Kindle and it’s a novella so it’s not that long. I just need to get going on reading. It would be nice to finish the challenge.

I got some decent night sleep last night. I did have a weird dream about shot guns and chasing people. I sort of know what it’s about but I don’t want to trigger my PTSD so I am not going to analyze it more than that. I hope my sleep pattern is back on course. I am going to try and not sleep during the day. It’s going to be hard because of the work I did with the stairs. Maybe I will go to the Square and get some espresso. I did have coffee when I got up but it’s not really doing anything for me. I might as well taken some sleeping pills. I feel really tired.

OSU is playing Maryland today. I don’t know who Nebraska is playing. I hope their QB is okay to play. He got a huge hit last week against OSU and was unconscious for a little while. It was scary. I really am not in the mood to watch football today. I really miss baseball. 87 days until it returns. That is a long time.

While I am at Walgreens, I am going to see if they have the eczema cream my eye doctor wants me to get. When I was there last, they did have it but it was a huge tube and it was like $13. I don’t need that big of a tube. I’d like a smaller one. They had one online that was around $8. I am going to see if they have a Walgreens version. I just need a little dab for under my eyes. If not, I will go to the Square to go to CVS. Or I might check Rite Aid. Think I will go there first before heading to the Square. I hate going to the Square on a Saturday because the buses can be unpredictable. And they run like every stinking hour. I will check to see if my mother has my money that I asked her to save for me. I’d like to get some pizza at the pizza place while I am out. I think I deserve it after all the work I did today.