painful day

Painful day

I woke up around 230 am in pain and my day has pretty much stayed that way. I have been in bed all day but I just cannot get up. I need to go to the pharmacy but I can barely manage the stairs right now so it will have to be tomorrow. I know it is because I did way too much walking Wed and Thurs for my appointments. Cold weather and having a cold just wipes me out. Next week I have four appointments. I am debating keeping my appointment with my therapist for Monday. I don’t see the point in seeing her. My anxiety is still going to be up. I am already starting to panic about Wed. Wed I see my neurosurgeon and we will be discussing what to do with my back and bladder problems. I have no idea how it is going to play out but I just hope he is on time.

Thursday I have two appointments, one with my therapist again and then seeing my pcp. Hoping that the pcp can do something about these bladder pains I have been having. Nothing is fucking wrong on scans. I really don’t want a cystoscope done. It probably is just inflammation from the catheter but I don’t want to live the rest of my life in pain because of this. WTF.

I see uro the following week so that is good. I really like my urologist. I am glad she is my doc. I know she will do what is best for me. I might have to switch catheters even though I really like the ones I have been using. They are just convenient for me. I just looked at some through the company that I am currently using. I requested some samples. I might call my supplier and see if they have samples as well. They gave me a bag but with the catheter I use, I cannot use the bag so it is useless for me. Things I never thought I would be talking about on a Friday night.

My eating has been poor the past two days. Yesterday morning I ordered nuggets from McDonalds and that has been the last thing I have eaten in the past 48 hours. I just had an Ensure as I don’t think I will be going downstairs. I need to go to the grocery store this weekend and get some more of the new cereal I like. It is by Special K and is called honey oat. It has multigrain flakes in it. It is so good. I hope they have a bigger box in the store than they have on the app that I buy my groceries from.

any thoughts?

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