Saturday Blog 20062020

Saturday Blog 20062020

I just woke up about a half hour ago. I finished off the second piece of steak that I made the other night. It was good but I will never buy a marinated steak again. It takes too blah and definitely needed steak sauce to eat it. I enjoyed it none the less. I made iced tea and had it with my meal. It started to get hot in the kitchen so after I finished, I retreated back to my room where it is much cooler. I need to shower today and probably will after I write this blog.

Last night I was journaling and wrote some thoughts about my therapist and how she has been treating me. I feel like she wants me to dump her for some reason. I think that is what she wants. I see her on Monday and will discuss this with her. I feel it is important because she doesn’t want to have contact outside of therapy and that bothers me. I know therapy is the place to talk about stuff but sometimes you need some contact outside of therapy to know you are doing okay or at least to know there is someone who cares. I am feeling like she doesn’t care about me and thus wants me to dump her. I don’t know how real this is and I won’t until I talk to her on Monday. But it was good getting the feelings out on paper.

I need to shave. I think I will do that before I shower. I also need to shave my under arms. It grows like a weed in there. Seems like I shave it and then I have to do it again in a week or so. I hate all this hair that I am having. I broke out with cystic acne on my chest and upper back. Hurts like hell. I don’t know what to do for it. I might have to ask my doctor for something because the OTC stuff isn’t helping this kind of acne. I just hope I don’t have to see a dermatologist to get some relief. It could be a while before I can see someone. I just hope my back doesn’t act up while I am shaving. Lately if I stand more than a few minutes, it cramps up on me and I am unable to do anything until I sit down for a few minutes or sometimes more than a few. I can’t wait till I start PT so I can get the kinks out so I can live my life again without pain in my back. I really hope the PT can help me with this. I know it isn’t going to be an overnight thing but if it helps, it helps.

any thoughts?

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