Sunday Blog 05072020

Sunday Blog 05072020

I woke up late. I didn’t want to wake up. I took my morning meds and then went back to sleep for more than four hours. I had woken up in the middle of the night, twice, to pee so I was tired. I don’t understand why I had to wake up so damn early in the morning when I cathed before I went to bed. This annoys me to no end. I didn’t have that much to drink after I took my night meds. Drives me crazy that I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee because my kidneys work. I am grateful that they do but wish they would slack off so I can sleep.

I was hungry but didn’t feel like cooking when I got up at 1430. I made a tuna sandwich. I used my last can of tuna so my next grocery order. My cousin is taking me shopping Tues so I will pick some up then, if I remember. I have to make a list of stuff I need to get. I know I want roast beef and burgers. And steak. I can’t forget steak. I have it at least once a month.

I did my med boxes for the week. I filled up the bottles that needed it. I had been winding down the bottles for the end of the month and I finally used it all. I put the bottles in recycle. I need to take down my recycle. I would have done it yesterday but I don’t think there is space as my sister had a BBQ. I might have to put them in the end of the week after the bins are empty.

I made iced coffee when I got up at 1430. It was good. I love that my Keurig makes it. It is so easy. Just fill a mug with ice and let it pour, mix with cream and sugar. And boom. Iced coffee. So good. I like the Peet’s dark roast that I have. It is really good iced. I like it better iced than hot. I of course have my Starbucks coffee that I will make either hot or iced. Lately everything has been iced because it is too hot for hot coffee.

Tomorrow I have PT. I should be getting a call in a few hours saying what time my ride will be picking me up. Hope it isn’t too early like last week. I had to wait a half hour last time because it was so early. And I couldn’t wait in the waiting room because of social distancing. I really hope PT helps my endurance levels because it totally sucks that I can’t do anything without being short of breath. It makes me sad that I don’t have the energy I once did.

any thoughts?

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