got my flu shot

Got my flu shot

I finally got my flu shot today. I hope that I don’t get sick from it. I didn’t last year when I got it but my arm was sore as hell for a few days. I wanted to get it yesterday but I wasn’t feeling well. My stomach was going insane. I had to stay near a bathroom so didn’t want to take a chance of leaving the house. I am tired now from the short walk. I didn’t think I was going to make it home. I got really winded and my legs were aching. I had to stop midway from my house. I hate that I am still not 100% from surgery. I am only six weeks post op.

I am listening to Hamilton again. I know I usually listen on Saturdays but it was on my playlist so I just played it. I love the soundtrack. It is so good.

Today I learned that my youngest sister has Covid. She is asymptomatic right now. My middle sister and mother will be tested tomorrow. I am nervous because both sisters went to Vegas and just came back. I hope that she won’t be positive too but you never know with this damn virus. If she is positive, I will get tested.

I am a nervous wreck with not knowing right now. I haven’t been sleeping. The trip to the pharmacy to get my flu shot really made me tired. I am fighting sleep right now. It is late and I don’t want to sleep because I know I will be up at like 2 am. I texted my therapist to let her know. She said she gets it. She wants me to get tested but I will if the sister I live with (middle sister) tests positive. I haven’t been around my youngest sister that much so I think I am safe. I just worry if my mother has it. It will kill her as she has a lot of health issues. I hope she doesn’t freak out when she is tested. It isn’t a pleasant test.

I am sad to hear about Eddie Van Halen. I loved him back in the 80’s when they were at their peak. His guitar playing was unheard of. He was so damn good. I am also sad to hear about Johnny Nash. I loved his music too. My mother has a vinyl record of his. I should play it, if I can find it.

My back has started to cramp up again. Damn thing cramps up on me every day. I take stuff for it but it doesn’t matter, I still get the cramps. They are so debilitating. I am definitely going to bring this up when I see my surgeon in a couple weeks. Maybe he can prescribe me something to take them away or maybe increase the dose of what I am taking. I should email my neuro and let her know. She might be able to do something for me. She wants to be posted about my progress and stuff. The only thing that sucks is that I don’t have bowel control like I used to. I have crapped my pants one too many times since my second surgery. I had a bowel accident yesterday morning that just turned into a shit day, not really colon blow but I had diarrhea and it was hard to control my movements. I hate that I have nerve damage to my bowel. It really sucks.

any thoughts?

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