Saturday Blog 14112020

Saturday Blog 14112020

I took magnesium supplements yesterday and it helped my back. I didn’t take it today and my back acted up as I was making a sandwich for lunch. That was all I did, make a damn sandwich and coffee. I felt so depressed and wanted to cry but the tears won’t come. I feel disconnected from my feelings at times. Something to talk to my therapist about. Just hope I remember. I meeting her late Monday afternoon. I like that it is late in the afternoon but I feel like I am waiting all day to talk to her.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. I don’t know what the plan is or what time the party starts. It is just us. My sister wants a cheesecake so I think my other sister will get it for her. I like cheesecake. My mother doesn’t make cheesecake. I think it is the only dessert she doesn’t make. It is a lot of work. My sister makes a good cheesecake but it is her birthday so I don’t think she will make it for herself.

I am tired of being tired all the time. I feel like I could sleep for days and still wouldn’t feel rested. I was up in the middle of the night again. I just can’t sleep through the night anymore. I don’t know why this is. It is definitely frustrating. I went to bed at a later time too last night. I guess I am going to have to play with my night med time and time I go to bed. I should stay up till 10 and then try and sleep but I get so sleepy before then that it is hard to stay up. I don’t want to risk becoming overtired because then I won’t sleep at all and will fight through the fatigue.

I need to go to the pharmacy tomorrow to pick up my meds. I am almost out of them. I would have went today but the damn back spasms are bad. They are feeling better now that I took the magnesium but the pharmacy is close to closing so I will go tomorrow. It will do me good to get out of the house anyways. It has been a few days since I left the house. I think Tuesday was the last time I left to take a walk around the block. It was such a nice day that day. It is really cold today. I just got a wind advisory for my area. I hate the wind as it makes the house shake sometimes. I got to get my brother in law to take out the AC one of these days.

I need to clear off my bed so I can change my sheets. I just fixed the foam topper as it was falling off my bed again. I don’t know why the damn thing won’t stay put. I might have to turn it over or something. I really want to get a new one but the price hasn’t been right. I also need to wash my sheets so I have a new set to put on the bed. I have a new set I want to use. It’s still in the box. I will wash it tomorrow. It will give me something to do.

any thoughts?

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