feeling shitty and other things

Feeling shitty and other things

I woke up with my back feeling tight. It has been cramping on and off all day. The weather has not been helping as it has been cold and rainy. I have been sort of depressed because today is the anniversary of my aunt’s death as well as my cousin’s birthday. He has been dead for the past several years. I miss both of them. I still have no cried for my aunt’s death and it has been a year. I just can’t seem to let the tears fall. It has been quite a while since I last cried. I think being on an SSRI prevents me from crying because I know when I am off it, I am more tearful.

I felt depressed and so I texted my therapist again about it. Told her I would read if my concentration is there. I have yet to open a book. I just don’t feel like reading. I have been reading Twitter and like that Georgia has turned blue. I also like that Biden got 306 electoral votes. There is no question who the president is now. The toddler now has to concede. And I hope he does so peacefully. You never know what a maniac like him will do. I am so fearful, especially after Pompeo stated that Trump will be in his second term. I just have a bad feeling about this. I wish Jan 20th was a lot closer than it is.

I managed to eat today. I wasn’t hungry but I ordered some food. I am full now so I don’t think I will be eating anything else today. My ankle has been bothering me and my other foot has been cramping up on me if I move it a certain way. I can’t get any relief. I have been trying to drink fluids to keep hydrated but it is tough. I think I am going to go back on the magnesium because I can’t take the cramps anymore. It really helped ease them more than medication. It also helps with the bowels so I plan on taking it slow as I don’t want to have accidents again.

In baseball news, the Marlins hired their first female General Manager, Kim Ng. I am happy for her and hope she does well. Cora has been hired by the Sox. I am glad he is back with the team. I think he is a good manager. I just hope they keep Jackie Bradley, Jr. That is my Christmas wish. I will be really sad if he leaves the Sox. He is one of my favorite players. The Sox will be a complete fool if they let him sign with another team.

I didn’t nap today. I might when I finish this blog. I am so tired from not sleeping. I was up most of the night because of pain. I tried going back to sleep after my med alarm went off but I didn’t. I took my meds early last night because I wanted to go to bed early. That wasn’t a good idea no matter how well intentioned. I ended up waking up in the early morning hours anyway. Hope tonight is better.

any thoughts?

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