groceries and other stuff

Groceries and other stuff

I had my grocery delivery today. I got everything that I ordered and when I was putting the chicken patties away, I saw another package in the freezer. I must have bought them and totally forgot about them. I took out the hamburger rolls from the freezer to thaw out so I could make them but I had meatloaf leftovers instead.

Ankle has been hurting me all day and both foot and ankle got ice cold so I have thermal socks on now. The pain has been bad and has put me in a bad mood. I tried taking a nap earlier and couldn’t settle down enough to sleep. I rested for an hour. I took my BT med around 1500. I gave in to take it. My ankle is now still having the same kind of pain so I might take another one. My feet aren’t hot so I am going to keep the socks on until they are. It is cold in my room but I like it. I still have the AC in the window. My brother in law hasn’t taken it out yet. I got to call and remind him. He has been weirder than usual lately so I don’t want to bother him.

I did the check in earlier today when I wasn’t okay. I wrote a few sentences about it. I couldn’t go into more than that. I used the Dario app. I find that it is sometimes easy to write on it. It gives characters used and a word count which I find useful. I thought about tweeting what I wrote because it was within the character limit but I didn’t. I would have had to figure out how to copy and paste and I didn’t want to.

I have been having cramps for the past couple of hours and it is really annoying because I don’t know if it is the bladder or uterus. I had emptied my bladder a couple of hours ago and it hurt afterwards. I don’t know why. Hope I don’t have an infection. I really don’t want to go back to the hospital to drop off a specimen. If it continues I will get in touch with my PCP over my uro, though I am seeing my uro next week for the urodynamic testing. I am so nervous about it. I hate being exposed and having things stuck in me. It is so triggering for me because of the trauma I went through as a kid for a similar test. Those memories still haunt me. I hated that they refused to let my mother in the room after me screaming for her. I was just so scared me being like 4 or 5 years old.

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