Saturday Blog 30012021

Saturday Blog 30012021

I am a little sore from the dry needling today. I am very sore if I touch the area that was jabbed. I can’t seem to stretch the area near my armpit is. I am frustrated because I have tried a few different ways and still can’t get it to stretch. I haven’t used heat yet today. I probably will after I write this blog or go pee next, whichever comes first.

I finished my other blog that I started yesterday but had a hard time finishing. I then felt like I should write about how I was doing with the dry needling so here is another blog. Today is cold again. Tomorrow and Monday is supposed to be stormy weather. A blizzard is coming. Oh joy. Glad I don’t have to go anywhere the next few days. I have to leave the house Wed for PT again but my other appointments are virtual. I see my psychiatrist next week and I am telling him I have lowered the dose of the Latuda because I feel like it is too high and is causing me side effects. I feel like my muscles are spastic at times and I don’t have any other reason for this except as a possible side effect of the Latuda.

I sent a message to my therapist about what I talked about in my previous blog about how I should die and that checking the facts wasn’t too good. It just lead me to not wanting to live and that was where I left it. I don’t think I can check the facts with wanting to live. I know I don’t. How I managed to be 45 years old, I haven’t a fucking clue.

The PT wanted me to get a palm massager for my shoulder. I just used it after putting some heat on my shoulder and omg the pain. I tried lessening the pressure and it still hurt. I am so sore. My neck feels better after the heat. I love my new neck wrap as it is weighted and feels so nice on my neck.

I am listening to Linkin Park again and just listened to “Lost in the Echo” which is an awesome song. From the inside is another good song. “Tension is building inside steadily” is a great lyric. I love their music so much. Heavy is another good song.

I usually take my meds around 8 but lately I’ve been taking them before then. They still sedate me so within an hour I am usually asleep. I am so tired right now that I want to take my meds now so I can sleep. But it isn’t even 7 yet. I will wake up before 0300 if I take them now and then I will be up all night which won’t be good. I have been sleeping better since taking them at a consistent time every night. I got to ask my therapist if she likes Linkin Park. I would be curious to know. I haven’t talked to my mother today. I don’t feel like talking to her. She hasn’t called me today either which is nice. I really haven’t left my room except to eat and go to the bathroom. I haven’t been lying down either. I just been on my laptop. I’ve had a nice day despite being depressed and in pain.

any thoughts?

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