A Tired Saturday Blog 06032021

A tired Saturday Blog 06032021

I woke up at six with what I thought was my mother screaming out in pain. Turns out it was just a dream. My mother was safely sleeping in her bed when I came down to check on her and use the bathroom. I slept for an hour before I had to collect my stuff because the guys are doing the floor and stairs today. I won’t be in my room all day. It is going to be a long day. I wish I could go to a Starbucks and just sit there for the afternoon. Sucks the pandemic takes so much away from you.

I didn’t get a book. I don’t know what to read. I have so many books I can’t pick one. My right shoulder is tingly today. It worries me when it tingles. The PT says it is just muscle movement because of the severity of the knots. I have to do my exercises today. I forgot my heat wrap in my room so I won’t be able to get it. I will have to use some towels or something to make a heat pack.

I sent my therapist some tips on dealing with a suicidal person. I hope she reads it. It is important stuff. The thing that pisses me off is that she always wants to pass me off to some group when I am suicidal. I feel like she can’t handle me and it is not a good feeling. I feel like I am too much for her. I see her Mon and we will talk about this. I just hope she read one of my blogs that I sent her about the response plan. I think it is important.

I have been craving cool ranch dorito chips and I finally got them. It has been the only chips that I have eaten in a while. I usually don’t buy chips because they usually go stale by the time I finish the bag. I only eat a handful at a time and that is it. I didn’t buy a big back. Just a snack bag so that will be plenty. My sister made egg rolls and they were good. I think I will have tuna for lunch. I haven’t had it in a while. Yesterday I had Filet o Fish for dinner. It was good. I love McD’s fish sandwich. My sister has some rye bread and celery so I will make the tuna downstairs. It will be a lot quieter than up here where the men are sanding my floors. I hope it isn’t going to be a two day project.

Baseball Spring Training has begun. My Sox are doing well but it is so hard watching them because my favorite players aren’t there anymore. I am very heartbroken that JBJ (Jackie Bradley Jr.) got signed with the Brewers in Milwaukie. There are only three players on the field that I know and like 3 pitchers. All the rest of the guys are new. My 3Bs are gone from the outfield. No more “Win, Dance, Repeat” shenanigans. I will miss my boys. I hope they do well where they are now. I am sure they will. They have great talent. A shame the Red Sox was too cheap to keep them.

any thoughts?

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