up at 4 am and got a few goals

Up at 4 am and got a few goals

I woke up around 4 because my bladder was giving me urges. I tried to go on my own and failed so had to cath. I couldn’t go back to sleep right away as I am anxious about my deposit coming through. I am supposed to get paid today. I hate when the deposit takes forever to go through. It usually is in by 330 am but sometimes it takes a couple more hours to pass. One day the bank was having trouble so I didn’t get my deposit till late afternoon/early evening. But soon as it goes through, I will pay my grocery tab even though I don’t really have the funds for it. I might have to forgo putting funds in my Starbucks acct. That really sucks but it is the only way I can afford things right now. Besides the money that I am putting toward my cards will be enough to add funds once the money gets processed. So hopefully it will all work out. Crossing my fingers it does. I cannot wait till my deductible of $250 is met so I don’t have to pay for my meds the rest of the year. It should be met by the end of the week as I have more meds to get. My monthly refills. I am glad they are all together now not spread out over the month.

I have three goals I like to do today. One is to get to the pharmacy for my meds. Second is emptying my recycle bag. Third is taking my trash out. If I can do at least two of the three I will be happy. I changed my sheets yesterday afternoon and it caused such a flare. My back was killing me by the end of the night. It felt like someone was trying to sever my spine in the middle of my back. The pain was awful. I don’t know what it will be like after surgery. I might not be able to sit for long periods like I am accustomed to. That will suck when I have to go to PT and will need to sit for at least 30 mins on the bus ride to the office. I am looking into getting a public assistance ride service for disabled people. It will pick you up and drop you off. I am hoping to have just a pick up at the hospital and then a ride home afterwards but I am not sure if I can do that. I will find out the week of my surgery. Just lovely that I will have that worry prior to my surgery. I still don’t know if I am disabled enough to get it.

So if I feel up to it later on today, I will post my progress on my goals and see how far I went. I hope to do all three but going up and down two flights of stairs three times is going to be tough. My ankle is already tingling and I all I did was use the bathroom. I also got to brush my teeth today. I have been really bad at brushing and I am to see the dentist the end of this week! Oh boy!

any thoughts?

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