Saturday Blog 04042020

Saturday Blog 04042020

I had a successful family meeting last night. There were about 7 of us and my sister joined. I really liked talking to them. It was good that we could do this. I have to send out an invite for another meeting next Friday. I guess this could be a regular thing. The only thing that sucked was that I was deadnamed and the wrong pronouns were used throughout the meeting. I am not sure how to correct this. I think I will correct it the next meeting. My cousin liked my sideburns and facial hair. That was unexpected.

Meeting with my psych went well. I had it on my phone and once I got the audio going we were going. It was a good meeting. We got caught up and I told her how I liked the new psychopharm as she is trans and gets things with me. It is the first time that I am in a medical specialty where I don’t feel like an outsider. She liked that I am having a good level of care and she doesn’t want to mess with it. I don’t know what that means. I still want her as my doc. She said the next time I feel like chatting to hit her up and we will have another meeting. She does want me to stay in touch with her. I can’t imagine not sending her an update on me and stuff. She means too much to me to just drop all of a sudden.

I was exhausted after the family meeting. We talked for more than an hour. It was fun though. I had taken something to calm my bladder and it worked. I took another one today and it is slowing down the frequency I use the bathroom. I don’t know if I have an infection or not. Urine is clear at times so I don’t think it is an infection though symptom wise it could be a UTI. I haven’t cathed I just been voiding because the urge has been so damn strong I don’t have time to pull out a catheter to insert it.

My sister made cinnamon buns. I had a big dinner so I haven’t had one yet. I plan on it next time I go downstairs. My sweet tooth needs a fix. My CRPS foot has been flared up the past two hours so I am not keen on going downstairs at the moment. The bones in my foot and toes are hurting really bad. I took some medicine for it. It is making me drowsy. I don’t think I am going to be up that much longer. I hope to be asleep by midnight. Just hope the bladder calms down some because running to the bathroom has sucked all day. I hate that this isn’t getting better. I could take some antibiotics and see if it goes away. I have an order for it but I never filled it because it wasn’t a definite infection. I had three different cultures and they all showed different things each time. It was really frustrating. And the UA was negative each time. Monday I will go to the hospital to drop off a specimen. I will go by T as I can’t get a ride. That is going to tire me out big time but I think I will be okay. I will try and increase my activity tomorrow to see if I can walk down the end of the block and back to my house. I need to go to the pharmacy to get my meds as well. That is going to be really taxing. I thought my meds would be ready today but they are showing that it is still being filled. I will call in the morning so I can just pick it up by the afternoon. I need the meds as I need to do my boxes for the week.

any thoughts?

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