shoulder soreness and sneezing

Shoulder soreness and sneezing

I woke up about an hour ago with my shoulder sore and then I started sneezing which really taxed my muscles. I had to take a Zanaflex to try and ease my shoulder. I have grocery delivery today and I want to try and take some of the stuff up. I had a pretty good night sleeping. I woke up a few times but was able to get back to sleep. I don’t know what my sister was yelling at my nephew about at like 6 this morning but WTF.

I have therapy today and I am sort of looking forward to it. I really want to talk about stuff that is bothering me. I also want to ask her how I can change my reaction to my family. I figure it won’t hurt to ask. I think this would be right up her ally. I am not saying that it is going to be easy to change. It will definitely take time.

I am having my coffee and writing in the kitchen today. I thought a change of scenery might help me write. But the brightness in the kitchen from the snow is making me tired. It is snowing out. I hope this doesn’t impact my grocery delivery. Probably will. I just want them to be safe. It is a light snow right now.

I had PT yesterday virtually. I got a few exercises to do in bed. I didn’t want to go out yesterday because the streets were messy with snow. It was a good session. I had to get rid of my zoom background because it was hard to see me in it. For some reason when you have the background, the area around you gets blacked out. I start the dry needling procedure tomorrow. I am kind of scared but hopeful it will help me. She said that I am a good candidate for it because of the trigger points that I have.

I am feeling really tired for some reason. It could be because of the Zanaflex. I am going to try and clear off my bed today before my groceries get here. I still need to brush my teeth. I was gagging this morning so I wasn’t able to then. I also need to fix my hair as it is so fricken wild. I got my haircut the other day and it looks so cool. I love it when it is buzzed. It doesn’t stay this way long though because my hair grows so fast. I need to trim my beard again. It is also getting wild. I haven’t trimmed it in a few weeks. I flip through trim and shave every day but I still haven’t done anything. I kind of like the beard because I don’t have to do anything. Unlike my hair, it grows slow.

I bought a new neck and shoulder heat pad with wheat and it is the best thing I have ever bought. I love the weight of it on my neck. It is really relaxing and helps my pain.

any thoughts?

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