a day of business calls

A day of business calls

I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept waking up every fricken hour from 1a on. I finally gave up sleeping at 7. I took my meds and then paid my bills. I had enough left over to put some funds in Starbucks and buy a book. I then put my alarm on for 930 so I could see if I could sleep for an hour before I had to get up and ready for getting my haircut. I didn’t sleep. I kept on getting notifications that kept me up. I should have turned off my phone or put the no disturb on so just my alarm would go off. I will have to remember that for next time.

I had my coffee and biscuits. My sister came up for a short time to tell me about my sister in law. She was diagnosed with liver cancer in March and now it has metastasized to her abdomen. She is now in hospice care. Her family is in denial that she is sick which isn’t helping her. Apparently she is so depressed over the news she just isn’t doing much to take care of herself and is in the ICU because she is dehydrated. I feel bad for her. My brother in law is also in denial about her sister’s health. I just feel bad for her son. He is going through so much.

After I had coffee I got dressed and ready for the bus. I had planned on going to Starbucks after the haircut but forgot my bag so I just went to get a drink for me and my barber. On the way back to the barber shop I became short of breath again. I don’t know why as it is all level ground, no inclines or hills. I know this is because of Covid and being deconditioned. My PT said my breathing would be the last to be better. I want to be better now! Dammit.

After I got my haircut, I was again out of breath when I got home. I had to sit in the kitchen for a bit to relax before going up to my room. I had some water and then went up to my room. I changed into my PJs, turned on the AC, checked my phone for more messages and then rested for a couple of hours. I didn’t sleep but the rest did me good. I was finally able to call my insurance and find out why the copays were so high. Turns out my PT place is billing several dates of service under one date so it looks like one visit is costing me $30, $50, or $60 dollars depending on how many visits is processed.  I emailed the billing and asked why wasn’t this reflected in my statement so it doesn’t look like one visit is costing me more than my $15 copay. I am waiting for a response.

I also called uro because I need catheters. I have one box left. The nurse I left a message to called the supply company and they said they would rush the order. I still have to have my provider change the daily catheter number so I can get more catheters to hold me through the month. I sent a message 5 days ago and haven’t heard back so I sent another message asking what the status is.

All this calling made me tired and seeing as I didn’t eat anything, I was also nervous/anxious. I took an Ativan and ordered Chinese food, my favorite dish, Kung Pao chicken. It was so good. They didn’t have the double order like before. I guess you can only order a bowl now, which is sad. I might have to change to another Chinese restaurant to get more Kung Pao rather than more rice. I just didn’t want to place a big order.

I got a response to the message I sent to my therapist the other day. She isn’t happy with me because I sent her “provocative” text messages. I was having a bad pain day yesterday and was texting her about what I was taking. I guess she took it as “provocative” messages. She also said repeatedly that she knows my knowledge of things is great and she said this throughout the session. Funny, I don’t remember her saying that at all. I guess when she said I didn’t go to med school, it threw out whatever else she was saying. I am trying to do what she has asked of me by doing the work outside of therapy like doing the work in the suicidal thoughts workbook. I have been meaning to do it but I am just too tired because I haven’t slept good the past few nights and been in a lot of pain.

I don’t know if I am going to listen to the game tonight. I am feeling awfully tired and I don’t know if the game will cause me to get agitated if there are bad plays. I get involved in my games when I am listening or watching it. I am going to take my night meds early because I want to make sure I go to bed at a decent hour. Last night I was late in taking my meds and it disrupted my sleep. I also bought 3mg of melatonin to take at the suggestion of my psychiatrist. I told him the 5 mg was giving me a hangover the next day. We’ll see if the 3 mg is better.

PT wiped me out

PT wiped me out

I woke up around 0630 to pee and never went back to sleep. I didn’t take a nap in the afternoon. I just been going. I am running out of half and half so will need to go to the store tomorrow. I tried getting some at the pharmacy but it was expired by three days. I dropped some film after PT and got my meds that I needed.

PT had me working on two machines. I was tired afterwards. My back started cramping up so she gave me a tennis ball to work it out after she massaged it for me. She said it was so tight no wonder it hurts. She is thinking of dry needling it the next time she sees me. I wouldn’t mind that.

The Sox had a day game. My cousin kept texting me the score. We won 15-1 and swept the series. This is the 7th game in a row that we have won. This is the 51st game they have won this season. I am so happy for my team.

The uro NP got back to me today. She asked some questions and I answered then asked some more. She decided that she would answer them tomorrow when we meet. I wrote down my questions so I wouldn’t forget what I wrote her. I had already forgot what the questions were so I am glad I looked it up.

My foot and ankle are hurting. The humidity has gone up even though the temps are in the 70s right now. I already took a breakthrough med because my neck and back were hurting. I feel like shit with my neck and shoulder, back, ankle, and foot hurting me all at once, all different kinds of pain. Yay me. I am so tired. I am glad the Sox played a day game. I can go to bed early. Tomorrow starts the west coast games so I will be up late paying attention to those games.

Scorcher Monday

Scorcher Monday

It’s 92 right now and it’s not even 1pm yet. It was like 84 around 9 this morning when I had my first cup of coffee. The house is hot as hell. I am cool in my room because I have the AC on. I would be dying if I didn’t. I need to shower and shave but the bathroom is so damn hot and just shaving my face flared up my back. I had to get the whiskers off as it just felt gross with the sweat and humidity.

I tried writing some in the memoir that I am working on. I think I wrote like 100 words and couldn’t write anymore. I have no idea where I am going with this and I am just narrating the history of my being trans. I want to write at least 200 pages but it is slow work because it is so personal and hits on feelings.

I wanted to go grocery shopping today but it is too hot out. It is going to be cooler the end of the week so I might go then. I want to get lemonade flavored Gatorade. I really like it. I might get some chicken and lemon so I can make chicken lemon on the grill. I like the way my sister makes it.

My mother just came home from the doctor’s office and her sugar dropped. I had to give her juice and make sure she got hydrated because the house is hotter than hell. She was sweating when she came home. I called her once she felt better to make sure her sugar was up in the normal range and she called me “madam”.

Ankle has flared up pretty good with all the stair climbing up and down. I haven’t eaten that much today so was starving come dinner time. I couldn’t go down right away because I was hurting so bad. My left ankle hurt and then my right calf cramped up, I became confused for the first time. I guess with the heat and everything I became disoriented for about a half hour. I drank some Gatorade to try and stay hydrated. I also took some magnesium pills for the cramps. Some random freak told me to take some supplements for anti inflammatory. That isn’t my issue. I am really tired of these idiots giving random advice when it is not asked for. Pain just peaked. Area around my ankle bone is hurting so damn bad and my neck is hurting from the stress. I want to take a Zanaflex but I know I will be sleepy if I do and won’t be able to avoid a nap like I am trying to do right now. I am so sleepy from the heat.

Listening to a make up game. Sox are playing the Marlins and just scored a run. Sox now leading 2-0. Marlins have a rookie on the mound. Brian Daubach was just on the radio. The boys interviewed him. He used to be one of my favorite players. Now 5-1 Sox and I missed how they scored because I went to the bathroom. It is the 5th inning. I have a good feeling about this game.

listening to Taylor Swift all day

Listening to Taylor Swift all day

I finally was able to get Fearless (Taylor’s version) on my phone. It took nearly a week for the amazon app to get it on my device. I am so glad I finally have this music. Right now I am listening to Evermore and then I will switch to Fearless.

I am sort of in a brain fog so I don’t think this will be long. I am still feeling so wicked tired from the Covid. I had coffee and something to eat with it. I plan on having some more of my pad Thai that I ordered yesterday. I was able to eat a quarter of it along with the appetizer I bought with it. I don’t have an appetite today so I don’t know if I will eat.

I am so fricken cold. It is 67 degrees in my room and 50 outside. The wind is making everything colder. I wanted to go out but I keep on getting cold sweats. I think I am over the worst of it but this fatigue is really bad. I need to go to the pharmacy to pick up my meds but only one is ready and I rather have two than one. I contacted my doctor because I think who ever handles it thought, again, that I was requesting the same medication twice. I wish they would spell out the damn abbreviations so it would be easier to know one is immediate release and the other is extended release. Drives me crazy that I have to go through this every couple of months.

Sox are on fire, though they are down by two runs right now. I am not listening to the game like I should. I just don’t have the brain power to listen. I am feeling lightheaded. My blood pressure is low so I am dehydrated. I just got some soup from my sister so I can increase my fluids. I really been craving Lipton soup but we don’t have any. I put it on my grocery list. It is the only soup I like when I am sick. I just pulled a hoodie on because I am freezing. No fever though.