Fast Car

Fast Car

This song has been covered by my favorite male country artist, Luke Comb. I started crying listening to it because it brought back such memories of the past. It made me sad that things are changed and now I will never be able to work or do much else. I am feeling discouraged because of my back pain right now. I tried going to the bathroom again and failed to cath on the first try. I thought I was going to pass out on the toilet as I couldn’t stand for the length of time to pee. It took longer because I couldn’t get it done right. Pissed me off, no pun intended.

I am having a difficult time sleeping again. I can’t seem to settle down. It has been like this all day. I got a bloody headache so made myself a sandwich, which took more spoons than I thought it would. I was already in the negative. I couldn’t have someone else make me the sandwich because there is no one else. I could have heated up some chili but I will have that tomorrow with some tortilla wraps. It is really good with the flour tortillas. I like to make a little burrito out of the chili.

My sister made a beef stew today. It was her first. It was okay. I like my mother’s better. Hers had a weird taste to it. I am not sure what it was, possibly too many bay leaves. There was nothing to the thing as the potatoes had disintegrated and there was hardly any beef. It was all stew which was good with a couple pieces of bread. I always enjoy a stew. I need to buy some chunky soup. I haven’t had them in a long while and the soup is really thick. I like soups that are hearty.

I don’t know if my blogs have been making sense. They have been just a stream of consciousness that I use because I cannot sleep. I would write but my fine motor skills have been affected by the medication Invega. I also been taking PRNs of trilafon, another culprit in the deterioration of my skills. I just feel so shaky lately because of this fatigue. I am not looking forward tomorrow. I know I will be fine but it might take me a few days to recover.

I’ve been in contact with my psych and she wants to have a zoom meeting with me. I will be seeing her face to face for the first time in 9 months. Can’t believe it has been that long. She sent me her information for our appointment and I can’t wait. I just hope there are no glitches. That would really suck. Things have been going okay with the virtual visits for therapy. I haven’t been fully present though so I find it hard to talk about stuff because I don’t know what to talk about. I am not really depressed though I am feeling devastated at times. I cannot believe that my surgeon was so good to help me get better but things will still take time. I have it in my record now that I had a tethered cord. I got to contact my neurologist and let her know about it. I know she wanted to know the outcome of the surgery. Maybe I will do that tomorrow as I don’t have anything else to tell her other than I got a numb butt and genitalia. Price of surgery I guess. I just hope in time feeling comes back. I got to ask the surgeon this. He would know or maybe he wouldn’t know for sure but I think feeling will come back in time because there is no other compression going on. He had to irritate the nerve to get it to go numb. Those nerves are sensitive and take a while to recover, if they recover at all. That is why I am worried and devastated at times. Bladder is still being the same as it has been though I have been voiding more just because I want to see if I could. I do but I don’t empty my bladder fully so that isn’t good. That can lead to infection with residual urine in the tank. I am emptied now and hope that I can sleep. It is just after midnight so I will stop here for now.

any thoughts?

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