Saturday Blog 30052020

Saturday Blog 30052020

Last few days have been rough. I haven’t been feeling well, emotionally or physically. Things just seem to be out of my grasp in handling them. I feel so low and the recent events of out west with George Floyd have hurt so much. I can only imagine the pain his family must be going through. I am glad the officer got arrested but more needs to be done. This cannot continue to happen but I know that it will. There are too many racists cops out there and people as well.

My ankle has been hurting me the past few days. It has been driving me up a fricken wall. Nothing I do helps it. I just been taking neurontin because the pain meds haven’t been touching it. Sucks when nothing helps your pain. It has been bringing me down. My back has also been bothering me with cramping up a storm. I have to take Zanaflex, which makes me sleepy. I have slept all day today because I was so tired. I have been waking up in the middle of the night because I had to pee or because of a weird dream. It gets so tiring. I have to cath most times because the urine urge isn’t strong enough. That has been irritating me, both physically and mentally. I know I still have the UTI. The NP called saying she had to switch antibiotics because it wasn’t effective. Now I am on the right one I hope to feel better soon. I feel so washed up it’s not funny. I wish there was a way to make things stop hurting. There is but no one wants me to do it.

I reached out to a friend the other night when I was feeling low. We have only just met on Twitter and been talking the past few months. She is a good person to talk to. She is almost like a shrink with her questions, LOL. I appreciate her though. It helps to talk to someone who gets it. She encouraged me to reach out to my other friends and I did. It was helpful.

I bought a new electric toothbrush. I feel like I would brush my teeth better with an electric one than a manual. It was on sale on Amazon for $20 so wasn’t bad. I just got to bring it downstairs so I can use it. It needs to be charged though. I think there is enough power in it for one brush though. I am dying to use it to see how I like it. It is a sonic toothbrush. I hope I do like it.

I wrote a letter to my therapist the other night about how things have been going. I think she read it. She didn’t respond to it, but then I wasn’t expecting a response. I told her about the difficulty of meeting virtually. I felt that was important for her to know as I am often so damn quiet because my thoughts are blank. I am not really thinking of anything, I just blank out. I don’t know if it is just the technology or what but it is so hard to focus on things when on the computer. Even when I am blogging I space out. But then I can always go to the internet to pass time. I can’t do that when you are talking to someone. That is just rude. I think there will be a way to work it out virtually but it will take some doing. I think she needs to ask more questions other than “what is going?”

any thoughts?

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