dumbass 674 word blog at 1 am

Dumbass blog at 1 am

I cannot sleep even though I took some melatonin. Or I am fighting sleep because my ankle continues to be stabbed repeatedly in the same bloody spot that past 7 hours or so. I lost track. I am just disgruntled and want to fucking die but really am not sure what I plan to do is going to fucking work.

My bowels are backed up so I just took some Miralax. At 1 am. So I might have a bowel movement in maybe 12 hours from now, which will have me on the subway. I am brilliant, aren’t I???!!! I am so tired of keeping track of shit, literally and figuratively. I sent my therapist a text saying I won’t be seeing her tomorrow. But it’s still technically Sunday so that means today and the appointment is for Tuesday. My concussed brain fucked up. I am ready to give up on everything and just starve myself.

I posted some IG videos and pics today. I look like death hungover. Really, I look terrible and might take down the pics and video. I can’t believe I put them up to begin with. I am such an idiot sometimes. Ok, maybe all the fucking time.

I see the OT later today. I need to leave the house in about 9 hours. I am seeing her to talk about cathing. I am going to try and see if she can show me the best way to cath while lying down or sitting on the bed as that would be good on days I am in so much pain and don’t want to go downstairs because of causing more pain. I know eventually I will have to empty the container/urinal or whatever I use but the hope is not to be going to the bathroom when my pain is a 12+. She is very knowledgeable about spinal cord injuries and referred me to see someone that actually knows something about cauda equina syndrome AND CRPS! I am going to make an appointment with that doctor soon as I know what the hell is going on with my back and if I need surgery. Sucks I probably got to wait till next year to know as the holidays are up and I am sure the head honchos in radiology are on vacation. If I have to take the MRI again at the hospital where my surgeon is (MRI was taken at an affiliate hospital) then so be it. I don’t want to continue to lose function. I think my legs are starting to lose their stability as when I go downstairs, they shake. I have to go one step at a time or they just feel unstable but even then I have to hold on to the banister with two hands to make sure I am not going to fall. Hence another reason why I need to be taught to cath at the bedside. I will really be “set up” once I learn. I will have food (Ensure) and water so I really don’t need to leave my room except for appointments or something. HAHA OMG I have become an invalid or maybe I want that? I don’t know. I am just thinking of ways of staying off my damn fucking stupid ankle because standing hurts so damn much. Every time I stand up from bed, my ankle bones feel like they are being crushed.

I can’t stand this agony anymore. I really don’t know if I will go through with my idea tomorrow (today). I want to but I feel like a fucking chicken if I don’t try. I mean shit, I have been planning all fucking year and have not attempted. Came close a few times but did not attempt. I am starting to feel like such a loser for not trying. Just want to tempt fate a bit and see what happens. One day I will try it or maybe I will die in my sleep. What is wrong with that??

any thoughts?

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