Saturday Blog 15022020

Saturday Blog 15022020

I really haven’t done much today. My only goal for the day was to write a blog. I have been in pain most of the day, which meant having to take gaba. I have a risk for falling when I take gaba during the day and I have to be extra careful when going up and down stairs.

I put a medication on my bed when I got it from the pharmacy and I can’t find it. It has disappeared or my bed ate it. Sucks because I really need it right now. My psychopharm and I had decided to go up on the Invega before resorting to psych admission. Problem I have with admission is cathing. I am not sure what the process is as every floor is different. I am not sure if I will be able to cath or if I will have to have a leg bag. Having a 500mL bag will suck as I know I will wake up in the middle of the night to empty it. I doubt they will allow me to change bags as the tubing might pose a safety risk. The psychopharm did say that if my safety becomes an issue to go to the ED regardless of the cathing issue. My safety is more important.

I hit a rough spot the other night and I texted my therapist about it but got no response from her. I am sure we will talk about it when I see her next week. I had to fool the voices in order for them to leave me alone. This is when I increased the Invega. I am doing okay with the 6 mg. The voices have gone away. The psychopharm said I can go up to 7.5 mg if I need to. The script I am missing is the Invega. I don’t know if I used it or where I put it. It isn’t on my bed. I might have to get a refill to the pharmacy but that would mean borrowing money again as I am broke until next week. I don’t know if my mother will give me it. I already borrowed money off her earlier this month. I keep forgetting to budget money for my meds. Next month I need to have food so I put in a large order of groceries but I don’t think I can afford the $230 cart that I built. I might just order a few things rather than the whole thing. I am trying to get my food stamps increased but with the way the stupid ass president is cutting things, I doubt I can. Hell, they may just take it away from me because I am disabled and cannot work. So stupid. But the poor and disabled are the first groups of people to get screwed in government funds.

any thoughts?

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