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Writing this from phone so who knows if it will substitute words…

My CRPS foot has swelled up. Big toe is huge and foot is a melon. I have no idea why. I might have put more weight on it because of the heel pain in my right foot. Either way I cannot get the damn lower leg to relax enough so I can bloody sleep! Like WTF. I turn it this way and that and the muscles start trembling, in my foot and lower leg. I am fucking tired.

I got about two or three suicide notes to write. I got to find my post that have these lyrics because stupid me didn’t put the date on anything and it is bugging me. I am waiting for meds to kick in. Took another melatonin and ativan. Also took baclofen for the tremors. I don’t know what else to take.


Just had to get that off my chest. I have been in bad moods before but this sucks. I am now feeling hopeless things will get better. I have PT tomorrow and no idea if I will be able to walk. I might get my nephew to drive me, if he isn’t doing anything. But not sure he will like going near where my father used to live and I don’t want to trigger him.

I wrote two more notes. Think two more are in order and then I will feel better to those left behind. Still few weeks away. Still may not go through with it. But it is on my mind tonight. Chronic pain is driving this more than anything or anyone else. I am just s hopeless case with bipolar disorder and unbearable pain, physical and emotional. I always knew one day I would die by my own hand. I just wish it was sooner than now. Last year was the right time. I wasted opportunity after opportunity. I just can’t deal with this bullshit anymore. Night after night after night of pain and no sleep. I’ve reached my breaking point. I call uncle.

FB post over last few days

Here are my posts from social media past few days. Still not feeling well to give a new version yet…

Nothing is worse than waking up with reflux and feeling there is something stuck in your esophagus. Tried everything I can think of to bring it down or up and nothing is working. Body a gazillion, me 0. Managed 3 hours sleep until fricken bladder woke me up. Took some melatonin. Don’t care if I sleep all day. Today is T shot so if I am up to it will post pics of transition provided I don’t look like shit.

Just when I thought my 24+ hours of being awake were over, foot started vibrating. Never fails. 20 mins after I lay down foot or ankle decide to act up. To say I am exhausted is an understatement. Got a theory…my brain must be so fried from the horrible heel pain (which is worse than the CRPS pain and NOTHING works to bring it down to bearable levels) it can’t relax. Every noise is magnified x100 so I jump, thus keeping me up. My radiator is the chief cause when it kicks on as it makes different fricken noises. And late at night when the house is quiet as I don’t have the noise from my Mother’s TV watching. Melatonin arrived today so will be trying it tomorrow. Haven’t gone downstairs for the mail yet. Hope it works or I’m gonna go insane

Been up for 40+ hours. Going back to bed now. Even though it is currently 145pm EST. Sorry I haven’t been writing. Thanks to all who have been reading despite my absence.

Painsomnia night too many to name

Writing from phone so might be errors

I was sleeping most of yesterday. I had a difficult night sleeping and really didn’t fall asleep at least till after 730 am.

My med alarm went off. I checked my phone. I had some messages. The social worker I saw the other day sent me an email. I also had a message from some office that I was to return. No idea what that is about.

My sister was in the kitchen with my mother. There were talking but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I was hungry as I haven’t eaten all day. I went downstairs and was cursing. My right leg didn’t want to move right. I just want to have a quick something so I could go back to sleep before pain erupted. While I was eating my sister was anxious about the financial responsibilities of the house. I didn’t want to discuss it as there is not much I can do about it. I have a fixed income. It doesn’t change. What I give my mother every month helps pay things that I am not really sure what exactly. She never told me, and I never asked. But my sister was insistent on getting things figured out right now. We would have a family meeting. Meanwhile, she tells me my other sister is going to have a house built in the backyard. I continued eating and when I was finished, I just yes’d her until I could sneak away upstairs. I was starting to be in pain.

I got back in bed and my foot didn’t like how I went back in. Instant pain. That was it. I wasn’t going to sleep. I was upset over what my sister was telling me and now I angry I was in pain, again. Fucking fuck. I was suicidal the night before. Told my group I was tired and had someone concerned about me and did I have a therapist or “professional counselor”. Like WTF, you think I am an idiot? Then she wants me to tell her how I am doing. Fuck you. I get people flip out when they hear me talk about ending things. But it is worse when they tell me not to do “something stupid”. That is when I have a real problem.

So tonight I can sleep. My foot is in intense pain. I want to end it. I just go to make out a will as detailed as possible and write a few notes to family members. I don’t want a funeral. Just a wake will be sufficient. I want to be cremated anyway. I sort of picked my date. It has been in my mind the past couple of weeks. I don’t know if the location I pick is going to worthwhile or not. But it is where I want to pass.

I sent my psych an email the other night saying I had a date. Told her some other things but I don’t remember. I am just so very tired of always coming to place of feeling like ending my life and never taking a chance on it. Like why bother? Been suicidal the past several years like this. Made plenty of dates but have not once attempted. Maybe this time will be the same. I don’t know. I make the will and write a few notes, I think I can go through with it. I don’t know what else to do. Pain is messing up my sleep at night so I sleep during the day. I don’t do anything else because I try to catch up on sleep. I sleep am recovering from the two appts I on Thursday. I still cannot move my foot outward without pain. I emailed my PT to tell her. I don’t give a fuck what she thinks. I will just do what I can and if it causes me pain, then fuck it, I won’t do that particular exercise. It is hurting so bad. I can’t stand having both feel hurting me while walking. I am limping more on the CRPS side (left) than I am on my right.

My groceries are coming in the morning. I don’t know exactly when. I picked the same block because it gets me up. I have coffee so maybe I will have a cup or two. I don’t have many cookies left. I’ve been eating them like crazy. Might have to make another batch. Just wish it didn’t kill my feet in the process. Going to try and sleep some now. Hopefully I will. Arriverderci

Ambling swears continue

am still around. Haven’t looked at saws on Amazon, yet. Foot is acting up and my mother is being noisy as hell. Fuck! Had a rough night sleeping. I am tired as fuck. Bowels are exploding. No idea why. Just took meds to sleep the day away. Don’t care because my alternative isn’t pretty. I am sick of being in pain 24/7. Just fucking shoot me now. I can’t go on like this and the weather is going to be painful as hell. So this is how my morning is going. Back in the gutter. Putting plan in motion when I wake up. So tired of insomnia, no pun intended. Ok enough rambling, for now